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Swine flu is here - and it's all anyone's talking about. I've lost count of the number of times people outside work have asked me what I know about the disease and how serious it really is. On theirs and your behalf we're speaking to the experts and keeping an eye on what the latest information is.

I started this week giggling at pig jokes and sound effects - but am now - like the rest of you I'm sure - not really seeing the funny side any more.

Seeing the government ad this morning (which you'll see a bit of on the show if you haven't seen it already) telling you to avoid spraying your sneeze germs in public - makes the threat of us catching and spreading it even more real.

It is really worrying - especially as it feels like hayfever season's upon us - cue lots of sneezing and lots of worried glances from fellow commuters! The big boss has already had some of these looks and says he can't be held responsible for his actions if he sees someone wearing a face mask on the train. But would that be an over-reaction? - the face mask that is, not his reaction to the mask wearer..obviously..

Piers is on Swine Flu alert today and will tell us the latest - with two more cases in London confirmed as I write this - and the latest advice for all of us avoiding sneezing people across the capital.

Ben's yelling at the television - a little girl who's the youngest member of Mensa is on - and she's on our show later too. I think she's gorgeous and clearly very bright - she picked the odd one out in a picture of 3 oranges and a banana, can name an isosceles triangle (I've just had to spell check that!! - say no more..) but she didn't manage to name the scalene one when Ben did..so we can be fairly sure he's smarter than a 2-year old. But I still reckon she's super cute. She knows the capital of Indonesia too! David's going to be introducing you to her later - I have a feeling you'll be on my side of the cuteness debate - whether she's a genius or not!

I've been told - in quite a stern fashion by Neil - that despite my pleas she's not coming in tonight - but Su Pollard is. Hi Di Hi wasn't really on my radar but the new musical Shout! is. Well, in truth, my Mum requested I take her next time she visits - it was Priscilla last time which she loved. So Su's going to tell us all about the 60's show - and about turning 60. Now, this is a line of questioning Ben is determined to go down - I'm not sure any woman wants to talk about her age after 21 - but Ben reckons she won't be offended...we'll see shall we....

Before all that we're marking the 10-year anniversary of the Soho bombing. 3 people died in the blast at The Admiral Duncan and dozens more were injured. Emma Walden's gone to meet family and friends as they mark the day.

There's also more fallout from the G20 protests. An officer's had to quit after he wrote something on his Facebook page which was apparently about Ian Tomlinson's death - and Boris has been heckled at a Met meeting today as he tried to defend the cops. Marcus is there to tell us just what went on.

Then, don't miss Phil's return to the lion's den. We're prepared for another mauling - I hope health and safety have been warned...

See you then,

Alex & Ben.


London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon and we are so sorry for the delay - the Oz has been involved in a big rehearsal and I have been involved with the former MP for Finchley who came to power 30 years ago on Friday. Excuses, excuses.
Tonight, how prepared is London for Swine 'flu? We have one case but millions of worried folk. Our aim is to report and put nerves at ease.
Also, how prepared are London's youngsters to be "screened" for knives on their way to school? Waltham Forest are doing it in all their secondary schools. This could catch on but is it right?
How prepared are Imogin Appiah's buddies to be brave and help her in her quest for a bone-marrow transfusion? And their mums and dads? The answer will raise your spirits and may save Imogin's life.
How ready are London's "brick and bum-crack" brigade to build the Olympic stadia? Not quite enough, it seems, so it's back to school for them. I expect lots of shovels and trowels to show up on the scanners!
How do you rate the Gunners' chances against ManU and what about the prospects of an all-London final in the Champions League? After last night's nail-biter in Barcelona, all eyes swivel to Old Trafford. I feel good about it. Do you?
How old must Michael Caine be before he retires? It was going to be 70-ish but then along came the Budget, 50% tax and a great part as a magician. Lucy sees if the old roots are still growing deep. Lucy Cotter - a genius - not a lot of people used to know that. Now they do!
Finally how fair's the weather and London's papers? I don't know but we both will by 6.30.
It's short and sharp, like some of those knives in Waltham Forest.
It's to the point as will Arsenal's strikers be tonight.
And it is brief. As I doubt Michael Caine will be.
But it's all there, as is he.
See us at six or be prepared for our sadness.
Alastair and Alex.


London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon.
An old friend of mine, the late former Speaker of the House of Commons Jack Wetherill told a lovely story at the expense of American tourists. When showing some of them an original of the Magna Carta in his rooms, they'd asked when it was signed. "1215", he correctly replied. "Gee", said one, looking at his watch. "Just missed it!". It was a little after one o'clock. Americans love the House of Commons and are convinced Big Ben is the clock tower and not the bell. They also love the Globe, brilliant and accurate representation that it is of Shakespeare's Tudor south bank theatre. Say Deptford to most and they'd glaze over. Say it's where the author of "Doctor Faustus" and "Tamburlaine" was brutally murdered with a drunken stab above the eye and their eyes, too, would cloud over, as must the eyes of the author of those fine pieces as the blood dripped from his fatal wound. Christopher Marlowe was a gem of a playwright, his life cut short in a bar-room brawl. Others say he was assassinated for spying but I prefer the Pewter Plot to the Espionage Saga. Anyway, all that Deptfordian ignorance is about to change at least among the newspaper reading public in the US because no less an organ than the New York Times has proclaimed Deptford "cool" and "hip". Batten down the hatches and prepare for Bermuda shorts, burgers and big camera lenses as The Cousins sweep East across the Pond. Phil who, like me, thinks we should have resisted a little more in 1776, has our account.
Accounts remain unsettled as far as the relatives of the victims of 7.7 are concerned. Yes, the immediate perpetrators were killed by their own hands, along with 52 innocent men and women. But who helped them and where are they? The authorities thought they'd netted three but a jury disagreed, although it was deeply suspicious about aspects of their travel plans and hobbies. Marcus, as focused as the Gunners attack line, has been deployed and has court verdicts and some of the anger of one of the survivors.
An odd clash also sits in our running order. Our poll, that shows most of you still trust the Met, and next to it, details of the latest youngster, murdered in cold blood. A third of you don't trust the Boys and Girls In Blue - I wonder if that includes the family of the dead boy and/or the scum who did it? Lewis treads a delicate line which, when I last looked, wasn't blue but could have been.
Staying firmly on the right side of the line is the amazing Doreen Lawrence who went through it all, and more, with the murder of her son Stephen more than a decade ago. She is still pushing hard for a better world and told the MPs on the Home Affairs Select Committee what still needed doing. She is a tornado for good, that woman, and she blows your way at 6.
Where Glen will be at 6, I am less clear. As told to me in The Meeting, he was "down a hole" but should hurry back to us "like a rabbit".
Now I am somewhere between Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and the Channel Tunnel on this one. It has something to with luggage. I hope, if he has gone missing, that he has some sandwiches and a bottle of water in his. I suppose we will all find out together before 6.30. Maybe he is in Deptford, attracting Americans?
He could be in Barcelona having spun several yards of line to the Boss. Don't know where his footy affections lie, to be frank. But something big is going down in the beautiful Iberian City tonight in the world of "twenty two men kicking an inflated leather sphere at an area defined by three struts of wood and as much netting as you need to catch a lobster supper". Andy Townsend will make sense of it for you and me. The Oz is more than clear on these matters and I enjoy the warm glow of her knowledge and assuredness in all matters sporting.
We will both enjoy the warm glow of little Imogin Appiah's friends who are giving their all to find a bone-marrow donor for their buddy. This is a life and death one and we've more on it tomorrow, too.
We will also have more of the weather tomorrow but more of what, specifically, I don't know. Cue Robin, the Matisse of Meteorology.
Papers if the machinery doesn't start chewing things up again and that is about it.
The Oz has purchased coffee and nuts. There's something wrong with the coffee so we'll either be with you at 6, in Court or in Hospital. My money is on the former as we are both made of sturdy stuff but who knows.
The nuts seem both fine and appropriate.
Til then, then..
Alastair and Alex


London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon.
Professor Stephen Hawking thinks that what really distinguishes us from other animals is our ability to talk. Others, particularly of a religious persuasion, would argue it is choice - or "free-will". I think it's clothes. But, tonight, we focus on a different paradigm of distinction - the ability to talk AND make a choice - marvellous example of dialectical analysis - thesis, antithesis, synthesis!
We, with our good friends at YouGov, have asked Lononers to express their views on Bozza, up to now; and who, come the day, should inherit his blonde mantle should it be decided by the electorate that it should slip from his tousled pate.
Oddly, they, which is actually you, think he's doing well on two things I wouldn't have given him a marshmellow's chance in a Guy Fawkes bonfire of; but, hey, that's the joy of asking AND listening. And one of the things in which you think he is as much use as a seventh stump at a cricket match was something I thought he was thriving at. I love a good mix of free-expression and being put in my place. As for the Derby which will be the great Mayoral stakes, come May 2012, there's one person who could say "You're Fired!" to Bozza with all the authority of a majority of the London electorate. And our poll suggests that anyone who knows the line that comes after "The worker's flag is deepest red" might as well apply to be a replacement for Ronaldo. Harris will reveal all and we'll ask for a little more from you on why that is how you feel or, at least, how the sample sephologists say can speak on your behalf feel.
The Tamils have moved on, which is good news for those passing through or around Parliament Square but bad news for the Indian High Commission which is, this very afternoon, boosting the business of several glaziers to a significant degree.
Still on an international theme, we hear more about Marnie Pearce who was convicted of adultery in the United Arab Emirates, best known to most of us as the home of Dubai or, for those of you who were at school when most of the Atlas was pink, as one of those countries with very straight-line borders. That's because they were designed in a small room in the Foreign Office by a man with a pencil, a ruler and no grasp at all of the cultural, historic or religious aspirations of those whose oil wealth was all that mattered in those days. Marnie is now free but is staying because her kids aren't. It is an amazing story, safe in the hands of Ronke.
Alfie Liverpool was shot dead two years ago but his killers have not been released because they have never been caught, let alone convicted, sentenced and sent down. It is unbearable for his mum who tells Lewis she knows someone knows. What she doesn't know is why they are staying schtum, a year on.
In committing ourselves to give "the oxygen of publicity" to her campaign, I am reminded we have a special guest tonight who has made many records and sold millions of them. Alas, 'Oxygen' is the only one I could recall until I met him. It was a couple of days ago but tonight we are unleashing the phenomenon that is Jean Michel Jarre upon you. He is handsome, articulate and genuinely interesting. Je ponse. J'espere.
Finally, Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon have booked their places at the Emirates Stadium come June. Nothing, absolutely nothing at all, to do with the previous Emirates story. Nor, absolutely, is Johnny seeking to replace Cesc Fabregas. Lisa, on the other hand, may fancy her chances at putting that lovely lass selling programmes by the south stand out of work but I don't know for sure. Lisa is very tall and could certainly have a fine view of potential customers. Anyway, they explain to Lucy why they are going to be at the still relatively new home of the Gunners as they unveil a brand new home for one of their most fun things. I think I'll park it there.
Suffice to say it is too wet to let Robin out though I said at The Meeting that I thought it would be reasonable punishment for his turning the glory of the weekend into this lot. KD has cake and is speaking to him as I write. Is this bribery or is it her lovely character prevailing in forgiveness?
The papers are damp and squashy at the edges but I've no doubt your e-mails will be crisp and to the point.
I am poised to distract KD and seize that final morsel of cake.
Caked-up or castigated, I'll see you at six, in glorious company.
Alastair and Katie

Weather blog

Good evening,

The weather's turned & so have we.

Gone are the happy faces & cheery greetings. No more 'Turned out nice again, hasn't it?' or 'Isn't it warm?' but instead we are all now making do with a curt nod or a barely audible grunt.

We're even walking differently; heads down & shoulders up against the wind & rain. Scurrying rather than strolling.

Spring can do this. Seducing us with sunshine & a balmy breeze one moment & then slapping us around the kisser with wind & rain the next. It's worth remembering on days like today that the weather here can be glorious. It already has been & will be again & in the meantime we have to stay strong.

Onwards & upwards my friends.

See you later.



London Tonight Tonight


Quick question..Could it BE any nicer outside!!??

Very jealous of any of you who have been working outside this week. Robin is looking less scared of me - I have threatened violence if the weather doesn't continue this weekend - I have a bbq planned and a summer dress purchased for birthday celebrations and I will not be pleased if I have to put a mac over it and stand under a brolly to burn my burgers. He seems confident I may only have to dodge the odd summery shower. He'll tell us all the details later - here's hoping - for him as much as me!

Our meeting was moved outside in the sun in honour of the gorgeous day. But the kids in our first story weren't moved out of the classroom for the same reason unfortunately. Their teachers sent them home for reasons like not having the right pencils or pens or being cheeky in class. Now, this wasn't just a couple of kids - it was almost half of an entire school, apparently, on one day. Perhaps the teachers wanted an afternoon off in the sun - or perhaps they were just at the end of their tether and needed to instill a bit of discipline. Rachel's gone to find out.

Then, we've finally found out who the victim in the jigsaw killings was. Jeffrey Howe's body parts were found scattered miles apart - now police have arrested two people and they're building up a picture of the victim.

We've also got some green Olympic news for you - apparently organisers - trying to make sure our buses and tubes don't seize up no doubt - have come up with plans to use ferries to move around not only the spectators - but also some of the building materials needed to get our venues ready for 2012. The best bit is - they're solar powered. Hope they work - and hope Bozza and co come up with a way for the rest of us to use them. Would be lovely to get a solar powered ferry home tonight...I'll settle for a stroll along the river for now though.

This time last year I was getting ready to run along the river - and the rest of it! It's marathon time again. I know loads of you will be getting butterflies as the last few hours slip by and you taper off and carb load. We all wish you the best of luck and will be cheering you on. It's such an amazing experience - and the feeling you get running past all those people who've come out to support you is so overwhelming it erases all memory of that horrible winter training. I have to admit my time wasn't great - I did finish before some of the rhinos and the guy in the diving suit - but one guy reckons he's going to do it in just 90 minutes! Emma Walden's been to meet him.

Right now we're trying to get to the bottom of what's going on with Frank Lampard. The Chelsea player's been on the radio blasting one of LBC's DJs who he reckons accused him of not looking after his kids properly.

Then it's movie time - Robbie Collin is here to tell us what to check out at the flicks - I wish there were drive-ins here or more open air theatres. Wouldn't it be lovely to sit outside and watch a movie tonight...wonder if taking the laptop into the garden would have the desired effect...maybe not....

One of the Love London Awards went to one of our fantastic cinemas - find out which one and who else won what tonight. I went along and presented the award earlier today for best neighbourhood restaurant - such a fantastic event and so many deserving nominees. See for yourself later.

There's also what not to miss if you need inspiration for the weekend..

See you at 6.

Alex & Ben.


London Tonight Tonight

Good Afternoon... everyone.

I'm going to start with a 'mea culpa' - or an 'apology' if you speak English.

In my e-mail yesterday, I said that I and a number of my colleagues weren't fans of Iron Maiden and that we couldn't name one of their songs. Can I say now - so there's no confusion - I am no barometer of taste, fashion or popular success. I don't like flares. I didn't like them when everyone else did. My hair has had the same 'shape' (I wouldn't venture 'style') since it first grew on my head. My dad was embarrassed by my dancing.

I certainly don't believe the fact that I don't have an Iron Maiden album nestled in among my Abba, Elton John or Kings Singers CDs is in any way a measure of their talent or success. They are huge. They are hugely talented and successful. You should give them a try. You might like them.

There. Glad that's sorted.

Now then, now then, on we go to today's stories. And we kick off with Boris. We saw him yesterday, with Alastair Stewart tagging along to see what taxpayers get for their mayoral money. Well, today it seems he's refused to commit to running for a second term in the job. Now, he did not say he wouldn't. He just said he wouldn't rule out not running. What can we make of that? Well, watch the programme and Mr Harris will do his damnedest to make some sense at least.

We'll also have the latest twist on the ghastly story of the man who, having been murdered, had his body parts spread around the Hertfordshire and Leicestershire countryside. Well, the police say they have now identified the victim. We can't tell you who it is because they won't tell us. We can tell you they've arrested two men in connection with it all. Phil Bayles will fill in the details.

Ms Walden's mission for the day is to tell us all what the International Olympic Committee thinks about London's preparations for 2012. Probably slightly more than those opposed to turning Greenwich Park into an eventing park.

Ms Wickham's day has been filled with preparing a report on the country's biggest IVF centre - at St Thomas' Hospital. She's been speaking to a family who've just had a baby - their first baby born without the gene that can lead to Huntington's Disease.

Lucy has a very different family story - two girls, twins, in fact, who starred together in the gangster film 'Snatch' and who are now directing their own gangster film about their own dad. It takes all sorts.

And then there is Glen's report on a new musical. It's about the late Jade Goody. There will be those a little taken aback at the idea. All we can say is watch Glen's report and remember 'Goody Two Shoes' is being staged with her family's full support.

I'll sign off by flagging up the growing support for St George's Day. It's today, everyone. Damien's on full patriotic duty.

All of us are on duty at six.

See you then.

Ben & Alex.


London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon to you.

And what a lovely, lovely afternoon it is. Perfect for sitting outside a pub I'd say, quaffing a little something in the spring sunshine. Before the budget sticks the price up. I'm glad to say I don't smoke - never really appealed to me - or I'd be even more out of pocket. I'd better make this quick so I can pop up to the shops to stock my cupboard with (only-ever-to-be-drunk-sensibly) booze.

We're going to start our programme this evening with a man called Levi Bellfield - you may remember he was jailed last year for the murder of two young women. At the time detectives said he was their main suspect in the murder of the Surrey schoolgirl, Milly Dowler. Well, he's now given an interview to the Daily Mirror - from prison -in which he admits driving a red car seen in the area, and on the day, Milly was last seen alive. Ronke will look at what that means for the investigation into her death.

The police are also at the heart of our next story: if rank and file officers find themselves tasked to police a huge demonstration and they were hit in the ensuing rumpus, how should they respond? Well, it seems one or two of them are considering 'rolling with the punches' rather than responding in a way some might consider too violent. We've tracked down some internet chat where officers are making clear they'd rather take a 'softly, softly' approach and keep their job than risk any flak from 'getting it wrong'. We'll have a chat with the head of the coppers' union in the studio.

We'll also have the heartbreaking story of a young girl who was deprived of oxygen at birth. The consequences for Ellie and her family have been truly awful not to mention their battle to get an NHS trust to admit the blame for the mistake. Well, they have achieved that at least. Today, the hospital in Stevenage has been ordered to hand over 6 million pounds in compensation. Liz will be asking just how 'compensated' the parents feel.

Anyone here a big fan of 'Iron Maiden'? I'm going to be honest. I'm not. When I asked Ms Hyndman - currently knocking out e-mails to her mates - if she was a fan... "No" came very quickly. Robin says he's "always loved" them. Actually, can anyone name an 'Iron Maiden' track..? Probably just as well they've opened a hotel. Lewis has been for a sneaky peak. Probably found there were no TVs in the room - all been thrown out of the window. That's a joke. In case the lawyers are feeling short of cash after the Budget.

Then we have seven women short of clothes. Naked, in fact. Well, they will be if you pays your money and gets along to the Noel Coward Theatre for the stage version of the film version of the, er, paper thing with all the year's dates on it. Lucy has been speaking to the cast of 'Calendar Girls'.

Have I left anything out? Oh yes, Mr Stewart may have taken the evening off from presenting duties but he's been a very busy chap of late. Yesterday, he spent the day with the Mayor of London. So, if you want to see what one of the country's big political beasts is like as he prowls the streets of London, tune in. And you can see what Boris is like too.

See you at six.

Ben & Alex


London Tonight Tonight


They've done it!!! I'll tell you who's done what in a mo (see, now you have to read all my ramblings...hehe..) I've got a banging headache - no booze to blame so unfortunately I'm going to have to blame it on the weather. It's beautiful out there but I fear the sun may be to blame. I shall stop whinging and get on with it though - as there is a lot of good stuff to get through.

We kick off with the hangover from all that kicked off at the G20 protests. Now our top cop is launching an initiative to stop violence against women. That's today - but 3 weeks ago it was one of his officers directing the violence at a woman. We talk to Nicola Fisher - the woman on the receiving end of that gloved slap and baton whack - I think her opinion is something along the lines of "that's a little bit hypocritical, no?" We're of course interested in your opinions too - is Sir Paul being a hypocrite, or are the cops getting a rough ride over all this G20 stuff? Yes, there may have been violence but are we tarring the whole force with the same brush?

Catch up with what Boris thinks about all of this too - Al's been out and about with the Mayor today - apparently there's a memorable tube journey and some bike riding to look forward to. I don't imagine they were both in lycra suits a la Chris Hoy - ok, I do imagine that...you'll see the full interview tomorrow.

We're just hearing about a pretty scary situation at Basildon Hospital. The police have been called in to look at some intravenous bags which might have been tampered with - they're also looking into the death of a three year old girl - which could be linked to the damaged bags. Ronke's been dispatched to find out all the details so she can tell us and you later.

Also just found out that John Worboys is going to serve a minimum of 8 years for the attacks he carried out on his customers. The former cabbie is also going to have to hand over the money he made driving his black cab to his victims.

Then we have a story about a girl with an extraordinary condition which means she's living her life virtually as a statue. It's a condition which affects just one in a million people - Liz has been to meet her and hear her emotional story so we can all learn more about her plight.

Now, I know you want to know who's done what - you probably guessed if you've been watching the show over the past week - it's the cricketers up Everest. They've only gone and set the record for the highest game ever. It's taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there and get through those overs. I can't wait to hear just how they finally managed it. Mark's going to be live to fill us in.

Also looking forward to finding out about State of Play - it's the new movie which Ashton Kutcher's been tweeting about - see how down with the kids I am now! Anyhow, Lucy's back from Thailand looking fresh and relaxed - although I hear she did catch sight of a tank or two out there..but I digress. She's on the red carpet later talking to the stars - just a Dame - nothing to get excited about or anything...

So, we end as I started - with the weather - and the lovely Robin will hopefully tell me the forecast is still good for my barbie this weekend - I'm off to find something to sort this headache out - ice cream could do it.
See you at 6.

Alex & Al.

Everest Test

They've played.
The first picture is above - we're awaiting video footage and our exclusive report from Mark Jordan who's travelled with the teams all the way.
London Tonight - 6pm - ITV1 London

Weather blog

Good evening.

Even the current dry, warm & sunny weather didn't take the edge off yesterday's 'Supermarket Incident'.

The UK remains one of the world leaders in poor customer service. I know this, but each time I'm a victim I'm still surprised.

A manager's special was charged at a very unspecial price & so I queried it. Very politely. Help (a misnomer) came in the form of a junior manager who initially insisted I was wrong & then, when it became clear the mistake was his, offered no apology but instead said the fault was mine because I hadn't told him where to look.

This was then made worse by the barrage of abuse I received from the lady in the queue behind me who seemed to think the inevitable delay was my fault & that I was enjoying being an awkward customer.

I despair.

Online shopping from now on, I think....

Until later,


P.S. The weather's staying good for the rest of the week!

The latest from Everest

See the full story at 6pm tonight - but you can hear the latest commentary from the highest cricket match ever played by clicking on play below


They're here

Three miles high. The highest plateau on earth where an official game of cricket can be played. Tomorrow they play "The Everest Test" - and create a record that can't be broken. Exclusive coverage on London Tonight.
Tuesday, 6pm, ITV1 London.

London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon.
Churchill said if you couldn't make an argument in half a side of A4 paper it wasn't worth making. We've had a dog of a day and I know we are running late so, here goes.
A fourth person has come forth to say the police hadn't grasped the servant - master equation at the G20 gatherings, claiming she, too, was bashed on the head by a copper. Glen says, "hello, hello, hello and, again, hello... what's going on 'ere", at 6.
Waltham Forest Council want to ban fast-food outlets from the immediate hinterland of their schools. I remember, as a child, going to a nearby bakery for fresh bread and to a corner-shop for sweeties and I am as svelte as a svelte 56-year-old might be. Wimpy Bars were the only fast-food outlets so perhaps Waltham Forest have a point. Mind you, the streets near most WF schools swell with existing outlets so kebabery, burgherisms and the rest of it look likely to outlive the Council. Lewis, more of a lave bread and Welsh Rarebit man, sniffs the air.
Kirstie's in to see if two swallows and £50 Billion in mortgage guarantees in Wednesday's budget make a spring.
Mark is still up Everest and the boys are inspecting the pitch in goggles, big gloves (not just the 'keeper) and fur-boots. I don't anticipate much spin nor many runs but who knows.
Star Trek splits the infinitives as if there were no tomorrow as they boldly go backwards into the past. Nick said "Beam me up" so we did and he landed on the red carpet in Leicester Square with the latest Star Trek movie which should have been the first and may yet be the last.
And Sinead O'Connor tells us she has re-released her most successful album because her record company told her to. But why did she have her hair cut so short? She reveals more than a fine scalp, I can tell you.
I can't however, tell you more as I have run out of time and space.
Katie is in make-up but sends her best. I am rushing off but join her in same and we both request your splendid company for papers, e-mails, weather and all the above at... 6

That's it - my money has run out.....


What Not To Miss

The events on What Not To Miss this week:

Careers And Jobs Live
UK Aware
The Incredible Veggie Show

Everest Update

The latest from the Everest Test tonight, as Mark Jordan reports on this incredible journey - and the link to a school in Epping

London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon.

Did he fall or was he pushed? Both, in Ian Tomlinson's case. He was the newspaper vendor who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. I remain ignorant of his views on globalisation, capitalism, or environmental degradation. But, as he strolled home a couple of weeks ago, he found himself in the area defined by a mass of angry people who opposed all of the above - and more - and a group of Police officers whose boss had told this programme they would "meet force with force". For Ian the "force" involved putting his hands in his pockets, and his feet, one in front of the other, as he walked past them. For one of the Police officers, the "force" was a shove and a swipe with a baton, putting Ian on the deck. The Independent Police Complaints Commission launched an investigation and one of the first things they did was to order a second post-mortem. We lead our programme on the staggering findings which suggest he didn't die of a heart attack but of an abdominal haemorrhage. Lewis Vaughan Jones is one the case as I write, the story having just broken.

Whatever the outcome of that investigation, one thing is clear: the cops involved, the Territorial Support Group, are the "hard-end" of policing in London. Police Community Support Officers aren't. But when it comes to international espionage, trans-global plots and foreign "spooks" casing the joint in advance of goodness-knows what, they are the boys. Or not. The scene is Walthamstow Bus Station, the strategic significance of which has, up to now, illuded me. Intercontinental Ballistic Bendy Buses? NASA-NATO type hacking via the Oyster Card soft-ware? Standing Room Only signs that turn into Stealth fighters with the addition of mystery fluids? Something very Dr. Strangelove is obviously going on up there because when an Austrian tourist, who likes photographing buses and modern architecture, thought he had found nirvana with the Depot building and its omnibus contents started snapping, they descended upon him like MI6's finest. It ended badly for "Klaus" - I can't give his proper name as it is against all trade-craft - but we have sprung him for his safe-house in Vienna and smuggled him to our secret studio in the heart of the Hapsburg Empire to tell his side of the extraordinary story. The PSCO's , I suspect, have been posted to Cuba.

From the very real world of espionage and international tension, a memory nudge a quarter of a century on. WPC Yvonne Fletcher was patrolling near the Libyan Embassy back in 1984 - ironic year, that - during a demo. From inside the Embassy, people who held IDs that said they were drivers and cultural attaches, or that sort of thing, opened fire and Yvonne fell to the ground and died. 10 days later , Libya's finest were spirited away. The memories of that day are raw and Marcus has been reliving them with Yvonne's family. The Libyans are also probably now in Cuba.

I remember the night the Admiral Duncan Pub was nail bombed as if it were yesterday. Victims came from the scene to our studio and told their stories like seasoned reporters. It was the final brutal act in a campaign which had started sometime before in Brixton. The perpetrator, an unsavoury homophobic racist; his chosen weapon, the nail-bomb. Another sad anniversary we mark tonight.

Time, now to reach for the skies - it is Friday, after all! We weave our way into uplifting madness via the continuing bid to play cricket on the snowy slopes of Everest, the hilarious genius that is Armando Iannucci, the cinematic perceptive perfection of James King and Robin, the Salvador Dali of weather forecasting, who will do a weather forecast that is to isobars what Dali's melting 'phone was to telecommunications and surrealism.

I don't think I am going to say anymore about the last two but Iannucci is the man who invented Alan Partridge, Chris Morris's "The Day Today" and reel upon reel of BBC Radio's finest and funniest comedy. His first feature film , based on his brilliant TV parody of Downing Street spin, is blessed by even more unbelievable yet true craziness seeping under the doorway of No10. He is very clever, very lucky and very live, with us , at 6.

Miss that lot and you will be like those cricketers on Everest - mad as hatters!

The Oz, who yesterday enjoyed a small bottle of fizzy water, now has a litre of H2O on her desk. She went to Armando's movie last night: too much salty pop-corn? I wonder...

She and I hope for your company at 6.

Alastair and Alex.

Weather blog

Good Evening.

In Southern California - where I've just spent a fortnight - if it rains it is the top news story with reporters dispatched to various locations, extended travel reports showing cars on the freeway WITH THEIR WIPERS ON & much on screen debate as to how long the stormy conditions will last. If things worked in the same way here where the weather can throw a curved ball at any moment, our programmes would be meteorological spectaculars occasionally interrupted (but only briefly) by cursory news items.

It's currently grey & wet but it will get better, starting tomorrow. That's all that needs to be said. No special assignments. No live shots....

After a break from the office I always imagine I'll return to a barely recognisable landscape. Of course this isn't usually the case but this year I can report 2 big (& I think significant) changes; not only do the loos now have state of the art lighting but they also boast new soap dispensers. Definitely worth a bumpy 11 hour flight.

Until later, I hope.


Tonight: Armando Iannucci in the studio

Comedy genius Armando Iannucci - the man behind The Day Today, Alan Partridge and The Thick Of It - is in the studio tonight talking about his big screen directorial debut:


London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon.
So there I was, enjoying a ciggie this morning when a lovely chap called Ben came up and told me (a) he liked the blog and (b) he worked in the main ITV press office. He wondered if the Oz and I and Katie actually wrote the blog. Holding myself back from asking if he thought it fell like literary manna from cyber-Heaven, I settled for "Yes, we do". So he said he'd put it on the ITV Twitter. So welcome Twitterers...! (I know that's not Twits as the Big Boss is a keen afficionado of this communications sensation and he is no Twit.)
If I seem a touch more cautious, initially, it is in deference to our new readers. But once they get used to us, it'll be bonkers time again, so here goes.
Tonight, roads across London and the home counties are under constant attack from diggers, pneumatic drills and even spades. Gaping wounds are inflicted upon these fine and noble thoroughfares amidst noise, grime, dust and human sweat. Then they lie there, silent, immobile, paralysed. Why, oh why, do so many companies and organisations do that? Dig a hole and do something, fine. Dig a hole and just drift off - criminal abuse. I may disagree with your reasons for digging the hole but, like Voltaire I will defend to the death your right to dig it.... if, and only if, you then do something.
Bozza has the answer. Large yellow plastic boards that look like surf-boards that have been caught, unawares, by a steam-roller. You can just hear Bozza saying: "Right. Splendid. Just the thing". Are they? Harris, who prefers flying to driving or cycling, is our objective judge.
Sticking with the hole theme, in Essex the good burghers of Navestock wish to retain their holes and have told the slightly bigger and more self-important burghers of Essex County Council to butt out of their affairs. It hinges on how a hole in the ground might be one burgher's "sleeping Policeman" but another burgher's dangerous accident inflicting chasm. Marcus, still a-glow at Arsenal's trouncing of Villarreal, will give the system his famous treatment. (Is there a team in the Spanish league called Villafake? Just wondered.)
Is our Everest coverage fake or real? Real, I bellow, with the full, frost-bitten support of those mad-hatters clambering up the world's highest mountain to play cricket. I know it is mad but it is not a diversion: that is what they are doing and that is what Mark is reporting on. But two of the biggest pedants in the newsroom said, in that simpering snidy way "Of course, you know they're not on Everest, don't you?" Bah and humbug I say to them. Where do they think they are, 13,000 feet above sea-level on the Indo-Nepalese border? Up Ben Nevis? Lost in Snowdonia? I hate pedants and I love the mad-hatters: more FROM EVEREST and Mark at 6.
Much scope for pedantry in Piers' report from outside Scotland Yard where a group of protestors are gathering. They muster under the colours of the Stop The War campaign. But which war? That perceived to have broken out between the Met and the mass ranks of anti-globalisation types at the recent G20 summit - or the declining skirmish in Iraq? Or both? Piers will be pedantic in his explanation, no doubt.
More pedantry over The Travellers who have bought a bit of green belt and rather transparently arrived with the deeds and a lot of building materials. "Foul" cried the locals. "Fair play... and possession IS nine tenths of the law" replied the travellers. Pistols at dawn... well, actually at 6, with Phil.
Harvey Thomas is a gent who used to organise big national conferences for the Conservative Party and nearly got killed in the Brighton Hotel bombing. He is a personal friend of mine so I found it odd to see him on our lunchtime news making a moving and very believable apology for something. It involves a crematorium, some ashes and a variation on that childhood ditty of thinking you've seen someone on the stairs only to learn that you didn't. It is a sad and moving story with a good conclusion. The lovely Emma guides you tastefully through it.
Chrissie just goes for broke on the weather. Heat-wave. Rain-storms. Two days from the weekend. Is she running out of fuel or options? Tune in to find out.
Papers, cos we like to. Your e-mail thoughts on holes in the road, cos we love to.
There's still easter egg chocolate doing the rounds so puffed out cheeks and sticky fingers at 6 I guess.
The Oz is nursing a bottle of mineral water and dreaming of Hugh Jackman who makes an appearance on the show. I gather they are compatriots but he has slightly longer and more dangerous fingernails. Now there's a thought to risk ending on.
See you at 6.
Alastair and Alex.


London Tonight Tonight

Good afternoon.

The Oz has just popped off to buy tea and cakes so the blog is mine, ALL MINE!
(When Oscar Wilde arrived in Australia for a lecture tour he was asked by immigration if he had a criminal record. He replied "I didn't know it was still obligatory!". Laugh? They nearly put him away. Australian spin bowler Shane Warne was only caught two-timing his wife because he didn't understand how his cell phone worked. Laugh? No, she cried. And, in the 50s and 60s, Brits only had to pay a tenner to emigrate Down Under. Many, after the first few days, asked for their money back. Laugh? No, they came home. Heads up, the Oz is back, so back to the programme.)

Tonight we've the story of Jack Tweed's incarceration. He, the widower of the late Jade Goody, had a brilliant lawyer who explained all the "pressure" Jack had been under and how the trauma of Jade's death had "matured" him and even given him "dignity". Nick will report on the cab driver Jack threatened and throttled with not a lot of maturity or dignity, and how it means Jack will be spending more time with his new self, without the distractions of freedom.

Our Mayor, Bozza, likes nothing more than the freedom of the roads: crisp clean air, whistling through his trademark blonde locks and creating shapes and shades, wisps and whiskers, Turner would be proud of. It is only possible because he often does all that "sans chapeau". Some say that is V naughty and a V bad example. By way of distraction, Bozza now wants to legalise cyclists turning left on a red light. In America, they do it already going RIGHT on a red - they drive on the other side of the road, though why I have never been entirely sure. I think this is dangerously complicated for Bozza and for London's many cyclists. Well, if it be Bozza's will then "render unto Bozza what is Bozza's" - subject to an intelligent debate and primary legislation in Parliament, of course! Glen pops on his clips and his aerodynamic skull-cap and pedals off for all he's worth. Bike, trike or tandem I don't know, but we'll all find out together at 6. Ding ding!

We've withdrawals: Not from hole-in-the-wall cash machines but OF hole-in-the-wall cash machines. And plans to make Oxford Circus a diagonal pedestrian precinct. I'd have sworn most tourists thought it already was when last I attempted to ply my way up towards Upper Regent Street or down toward what was the old Cafe Royal. Maybe it's just me.

Liverpool have a mountain to climb to claw back victory from Chelsea who go into tonight's euro-match with a complex advantage, having done rather well whilst visiting Anfield. God may, however, smile upon the Kop as tomorrow is the anniversary of the tragedy of Hillsborough, and He may think they are owed one. A footy rather than theological preview, at 6, from the Bridge.

Some odd chaps also have a mountain to climb - Everest, to be precise - to play a game of cricket. Yes, I know - "hatters". A few have already been given the Finger of Dismissal by the Great Weather Umpire but, stretching even my slim and rather uninterested knowledge of cricket rules, it seems they have another eight "Twelfth Men". That can't be right or numerate, but Mark Jordan says "Play up, play up, and play the game." And it seems they do, or will. I am still at Base Camp One on this one.

Chris De Burgh is Irish, had a universal hit with Lady in Red AND a daughter who went on to be Miss World. The "luck of" comes to mind but will he be testing it with his latest album? We will ask him, live at 6.

Papers, your thoughts on cyclists being given rights of the road we motorists are denied, plus Martin, who loves F1 and never runs the lights, with your weather.
I think that's it and I trust the Oz will skip the opening paragraph of inane ramblings and cut to the chase. If not, I can see this chocolate muffin she got me going all over my face... hope it's good for my skin.

See you at 6.

Alastair & Alex.

(P.S. - from the Ed - don't forget there's round the clock behind the scenes updates and breaking news on twitter - http://twitter.com/londontonight)

Jack Tweed jailed

Jack Tweed, Jade Goody's widower, is jailed for 12 weeks

Full details on London Tonight at 6pm

Chelsea v Liverpool tonight

We'll talk to our pitchside pundit on the programme tonight. Before that, some thoughts from Benitez and Hiddink..


London Tonight Tonight

Happy Easter!!

I'm not here tomorrow - Sangeeta's looking after you - so I get to wish you lots of Easter cheer now. So, Happy Easter Bunnies and Egg Hunts and for those of you who've stuck with it, enjoy the end of Lent.. I know I will!

But, I do hope not too many of you are heading away for the bank holiday. Obviously I'll be happy for you if you're having a nice break. But we're all being warned again! - to expect 'travel chaos'. We get it every single bank holiday, but it does generally turn out to be true.

I'm going to try toavoid puns on top of obvious warnings tonight. Our new Ed - Neil (who's going to be looking after Faye's job while she's off having her bubba) got a bit of stick for a little too much fromage frais (ie too many puns) in the show last night. So am showing my support here.

Plus, I've already heard all the puns about Mr Quick's blunder that I'd only be plagiarising anyway..

So - more probs for our cops. Not only is one of them being talked to about Ian Tomlinson's death at the G20 protests, now Quick's said goodbye (see, I could have said a swift exit!) after showing off those anti-terror plans. Not so good for Bozza. But good news is the man stepping into his shoes is John Yates, who Al assures us is a very good choice. Plus it means we've now got a woman stepping into Yates' shoes - Janet Williams is now Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard. So good and bad news at the top.. We'll have the latest on that and find out how you're feeling about the police right now..

Next we're delving in to Henry the Eighth goodies! Hampton Court's celebrating 500 years since he was crowned King and they're putting on a show of his wares. Glen's got a first glimpse before it opens to the rest of us tomorrow - there's an idea for the weekend for ya!

Another idea is broccoli. Not eating it - although you will probably need the green goodness to counteract the bucket load of chocolates and hot cross buns....mmmmmmmm... I mean the broccoli behind Bond. Lucy's been to see the James Bond/Chubby Broccoli extravaganza at the South Bank - they're doing a season of his best bits and the best bit for me is Roger Moore (in Sean Connery and Daniel Craig's absence). He's talking to Lucy about all things 007.

Then, Corr blimey!! (Sorry, couldn't help myself!) Andrea Corr's in tonight. She's coming in with Niamh Cussack to talk about the play they're in at The Old Vic. It's called Dancing at Lughnasa - it's a brilliant production of Brian Friel's play. Which I've just found out was also made into a move starring Meryl Streep and Rhys Ifans - might have to check that out. I saw the play earlier in the week and really enjoyed it. Also spotted Andrea in the theatre bar afterwards looking very, very tiny in a minute skirt and tights. She was great in her first stage role (even though she's obviously been on stage loads with the band) and Niamh Cussack was brilliant as always. Looking forward to talking to them both and finding out about the future of The Corrs and Heartbeat!

I think I need to go and run around outside to burn off some of this chocolate energy/calories - and it's not even Good Friday - oh dear..

See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.


London Tonight Tonight


You will have seen the pics in the papers and have probably caught the video on the TV or the internet today - if not, you'll see it tonight. It's of the moment Ian Tomlinson died at the G20 protests last week. He is apparently hit by a police officer and falls to the ground. We knew Mr Tomlinson died of a suspected heart attack during the protests - what we didn't know was that the police had contact with him before he died. Remember at the time they said they'd tried to help him when he was found on the ground - but couldn't 'cos of the protesters around him. They said when they got to him it was too late - but now the question is - was it their fault he fell ill in the first place?

This is where it all gets messy - the pics are pretty incriminating - Ian's family want a criminal investigation - the IPCC's looking into it.. Simon's been checking all the facts too - he'll bring us all the details tonight. We'll be asking for your input on this too.

From one tragedy to another - a ten year old boy's been orphaned after his Dad - who was due to give up work to take care of him full time - was killed cycling to the job he was only going to be at for two more days. William's' Mum died from cancer only months earlier. She left behind two kids from her previous marriage - now they at just 21 and 19 - are going to be looking after William. Marcus Powell's been to meet them.

Now, as it's a lovely sunny day we thought we'd send Liz out to the garden - well, not our garden.. We don't have one! And neither do the gardeners who used to potter and hoe to their hearts' content in Manor Gardens. They were chucked out 'cos it's the Olympic Park - the land was then flattened - but now there's a gardening competition on the plots. I'm confused - Liz will make it all as clear as mud - no, that's not the right saying - you know what I mean!

Next - mainly - Whoopi!! Whoopi Goldberg's on the show!! Faye and i can't wait to see Sister Act on the stage - that's what she's on the show talking to Lucy about...Al says he'd pay good money to avoid it. By the way - it's his 31st wedding anniversary today!! He's away rehearsing something so i can pop that in here and send huge congratulations to himself and the lovely Mrs Stewart!!

Also, don't miss Matthew Kelly - he's coming in to tell us about his new life as a serious actor!

It's all at 6 as per usual.

See you then,

Alex & Alastair.


What Not To Miss

Here are the official websites of the items featured this week.

Chocolate Festival

Whitechapel Gallery

Animate The World

London Tonight Tonight


It's sunny again!! I'm easily pleased - a bit of sun's all I need - well, a glass of wine would be nice too and a comfy seat in a pub garden..but considering I'm still off the booze for lent and the show's on at 6 I'll have to be content with just the nice weather for now..

Al's not here yet - he's at a charity lunch - so it's just me for now - but later it'll be me, him and Robbie Collin doing the movies as James King's decided to bunk off today. I saw The Boat That Rocked last night - and must admit I had pretty high expectations for it - great cast and a subject close to my heart (sort of...I started work on a radio station..but not one on a boat..anyway..) My sister's been texting me lines from the film all day "You look like a Unicorn" and "He's a guy who has a lot of friends, long hair and wears a dress...who is it!?" If you've seen the movie already you'll get it. Now, I did get it - but I didn't think it was wet your pants funny, disappointing... Monsters versus Aliens does look v funny though - love a cartoon but fear I may have to borrow a child to see it. Maybe I'll wait for that one to hit DVD.

Enough movies for now - more news.

Remember all those body parts that have been turning up? Now police say the arm, leg and head (which was found in Leicestershire) are all from the same body..so a killer's chopped someone up and is ditching parts all over the country. Marcus Powell's got the job of telling the gruesome story.

More gruesome news from Italy where the Meredith Kercher trial's been shown pictures of her body and the murder scene. The media's been banned after a request from her family - but Keith Miller's going to bring us up to date from Perugia.

Al's back and is now sticking his oar in!! He's instructed me to tell you he's a huge PD James fan - so he's finding these stories not only gruesome but intriguing.. He's now also singing Oh Vienna at me...more of in a mo...

Onto the less gory parts of the show and LVJ's been to meet a lollipop man who's become the focus of an internet campaign. Great grandfather Fred Kent's been told he can't do his job anymore - 'cos he's just turned 80. The kids love him and Lewis is going to tell us about their parent's plans to keep him on the road.

Now the sport - as you probably know Al and I both love Formula One and our Brit boys Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button (I also have a soft spot for my Aussie mate Mark Webber but we don't need to go into that here....) So, as happy as we were that Jens won Down Under - the hangover from the overtaking/not overtaking lying/not lying...between Lewis and Jarno hasn't made for the best start to the season. We hear from little Lewie himself tonight.

There's also footy - and Chelsea getting ready to take on Newcastle and their new Messiah (third one this season..yes?!)

You saw those great pics of Michelle Obama at a school in Islington yesterday - she was overwhelmed and the little kids all wanting to hug her made Al tear up too - so Big Boss has sent Glen down to see the kids and find out all about the First Lady's visit. Prepare for more welling up.. so sweet!

Now to that Vienna stuff - and yes Alastair I do know the song - I'm not that young (I wish!!). But, I don't really remember Ultravox as such though - but Al bought Vienna on vinyl and loves it - an anthem he says... Well, Midge is back with the boys and Lucy's been to see them - first time they've been back together since Live Aid (not Live 8 kids!).

See you at 6 then,

Alex & Alastair

Michelle Obama in Islington

Incredible scenes as Michelle Obama visits an Islington school

More on London Tonight at six..


London Tonight Tonight


Another sunny day in the capital - another day of G20ness.

But today there's a very different atmosphere in the City. The protesters have mostly gone home, the graffiti's being washed away, the litter picked up and the windows of the bank boarded up.

There are protesters outside the summit - I say outside, but they're actually being kept a "safe" distance away - about 600 meters away to be precise. They're not happy but they're not making their point in the same way as some of them did yesterday.

Today's images are of squats being raided and small groups of people trying to make their voices heard. All the while the suits are inside discussing - they're going to stop all the chat just in time for the show when we'll know what, if anything, has been decided.

Al's on his way back from the Excel now - he was allowed in and has been chatting to Bob Geldof and other important types about what's going on.

Ben's swapping places with him and will keep us up to date with the goings on at the Excel in the programme. Meanwhile, after we sent Nick right into the middle of the protests yesterday he's been out checking on the aftermath, and Simon's going to wrap it all up like Mrs Obama hugging Her Maj - talking us through just what all the chat is going to mean for us..

Away from the G20 and all the way up to Leicestershire 'cos that's where a head's been found. Marcus tells us if the head belongs to the other body parts which have turned up around town in the past couple of weeks.

Also, some breaking news which won't make the show but should get more than a mention here - we've just heard the Big Boss (that's Stuart Thomas in the real world) is leaving us. He's been the Editor for 5 years, steering the good ship LT to success after success (I'm not sucking up..there's no point now he's leaving, obviously, just telling it how it is..) So, he's moving on (well, moving North where his family is actually) and cutting his commute considerably. Much Congrats - he will be hugely missed.
[ *** I am just back from Excel and THIS bit, I particularly agree with !!! *** Alastair]

Speaking of missed - you wouldn't want to miss Billy Ocean. He's on coming in tonight - which is why I've got The Going Gets Tough in my head. Remember that in Jewel of the Nile? Brilliant movie and a great song. Al and I will be chatting to him about his first album in 15 years, tailoring and the Notting Hill Carnival.

Then we've also got another one of our "Search for Stars" stars.

It's all at 6.

See you then,

Alex & Alastair.


London Tonight Tonight


You may have heard us talking about Twitter in recent weeks - we've been "tweeting" updates on the programme through the day for a little while.

For those of you who haven't come across it yet, it's a kind of micro-blogging site. Still not sure what that means? Basically it's like text messaging (but on the internet) a whole group of people some of whom you know and others who just follow you because they like what you say. Still don't get it? No, neither did we till we actually tried it, but trust us, it's rather popular and very trendy all of a sudden - and it seems today was the day of the Twitter demonstration - as G20 protesters descended on the capital.

Can we say the organisers were using Twitter? Well - they probably were - but the overwhelming number of people using it were journalists, bystanders, city workers, "everyday" protestors and people all over the world who just wanted to talk about what was going on. #g20 (a hash code allows you to search for a certain topic) became very popular, people posted their own pictures of the events, and people have started talking about the protest and the G20 summit being a turning point for Twitter (as is the headline in this Telegraph article http://bit.ly/o0Eya ).

We'll reflect all that tonight (and you can still follow - or read back on - our twitter updates at http://twitter.com/londontonight ).

But of course, more importantly, we'll also have the story of the day the "old" media way, with pictures, reporters and cameramen and women in the thick of it, bringing you all you need to know about what happened, what's happening, and what's likely to happen next.

Alastair and Katie are live on location with the programme tonight - don't miss it.

Latest G20 pictures

Don't forget live updates on http://twitter.com/londontonight and full coverage on ITV1 in London at 6pm tonight

More G20 protests

G20 latest video

Obama arrives in Downing Street


Follow our updates on Twitter (@londontonight) and on ITV1 from 1330, 1800 and 2200.