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London Tonight Tonight: Thursday December 13th

London Tonight Tonight: Thursday December 13th



We're leading tonight with a row that's brewing at a Hindu temple. Vets came in and killed a cow while worshippers were at prayer ... and of course, cows are sacred in the Hindu religion. The vets say .. the cow was in pain. The monks say .. it was shocking and deceitful behaviour. Jon Gilbert's there.

The Household Cavalry have just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq, and have been honoured with a special ceremony at Windsor .. we were there too.

The services don't just protect the nation .. they protect the very drunk too .. Marcus Powell has been finding out more about the advice members of the Royal Navy are giving to revelers on how to stay safe and out of trouble when you're out on the lash. Or should that be cat o' ninetails. Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum, say I.

Staying with our brave boys .. but this time the four legged variety .. as we visit a newly restored animal cemetery where there has been a special ceremony today to honour military animals.

We've got Jane Horrocks in the studio .. she does the voice over for various animal themed cartoons , so there is a link.. and then we visits a man who has a pet reindeer. In Enfield.

I think I better leave it there..

See you at 6.

Katie and Ben.