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Dear One, Dear All -

Hope you had a lovely weekend - and that you all remembered to put your clocks forward. (Sorry if that's had you slapping your forehead as you realise "that's why I've been an hour late to everything...")

I'm going to start today with my appendix. I haven't got it anymore - had it whipped out when I was ten. Obviously, a lot of years have slipped by since then - a lot of years - but amazingly I can remember quite a lot about it. I certainly remember that my parents were away at the time. I certainly remember, even at that age, that the gown didn't cover my bottom (sorry, I hope you're not eating). Oh, and I certainly remember coming round after the operation and being mighty surprised that I only had one scar, as I was convinced that appendix, like kidneys, come in pairs.

Anyway, young Isabelle is very unlikely to remember a thing about her appendectomy, as she's only four weeks old. That makes her a record-breaker (cue music) and we'll be hearing her story tonight. She's fine. It's a story with a happy ending.

Sadly, we've a number of stories that don't have happy endings - we'll be speaking to the family of a 17 year old who was stabbed to death at the weekend. Godwin Lawson left Hackney behind for a football traineeship in Oxford. Back visiting this weekend, we was attacked early on Saturday morning.

Derek Sauter's story also ends in tragedy. He died in hospital recently - the Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup - after a nurse on duty didn't monitor his condition closely enough. He wanted wanted water. She wouldn't get it. Neither did she check his oxygen intake properly. That nurse has now been sacked. Where does that leave Derek's desperate widow?

After after yet another dismal weekend, West Ham fans - and football fans (sorry, the programme editor is a Hammers' fan) - should tune in to hear an offer of support from one of our biggest name actors.

We'll also tell you how to clear up space-junk (very big vacuum) and, and... oh, and we've got some chap called Craig David in the studio, chatting about his new album.

You can sing-a-long if you like, at six.

Ben & Katie
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