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Afternoon, afternoon,

Now, don't know about you, but it's a long time since most of the 'London Tonight' team were at school. In fact, for some of us, the memory is just a vague blur interrupted... by the sound of bells ringing... combined with the smell of over-cooked flans. But, however long ago it was - and in SOMEONE'S case, it was a REALLY long time - none us can remember carrying a knife, or a gun.

And yet, the prospect of that is SO real in modern classrooms that new measures have been introduced today, giving teachers powers to search pupils. Do they want the powers? Should they have them? Why, on earth, do we need them? Have a think - because after Marcus Powell has filed his report this evening, we'll be asking for your opinions.

Ever heard of the Pobjoy Mint? It's the largest private mint in Europe. No, that accolade does not belong to the 'Polo', as the director 'hilariously' just suggested. Not even in a French accent. Anyway, the Pobjoy johnnies knock out the coinage for several countries, including the Falklands - and, 25 years after the islands were wrestled back from Argentina, there's to be a collection of special commemorative coins. And who better to see the first pocketfuls of pennies rolling off the production line than Prime Minister of the day, Baroness Thatcher. Liz Wickham was there too. On her best behaviour, presumably.

North London v South London... the age-old argument is, for most of us, a talking-point over a pint perhaps - with both sides agreeing to disagree come 'last orders'. However, one group of South Londoners just wouldn't let it lie and, get this, they've been offering to pay the taxi fare for North Londoners, to take a sort of 'See what you're missing' tour of southern delights. Glen Goodman was there today when they, frankly, struggled to find any takers.

We'll also be hearing about one campaign to switch off London's lights, another to clampdown on dishonest theatrical agents, and one more to improve the weather... well, imagine if there was even a TINY chance of it working...

Okey-dokey, see you at SIX.

Ben & Romilly