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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 20th February

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 20th February
Hello to you...
'The world's favourite airline' - that's what they used to call themselves... until someone pointed out that they weren't. And let's face it, events down at Heathrow yesterday and today will have done little to boost British Airways in the popularity stakes. Thousands of passengers given the option at the airport - "You can stay here WITH your luggage, or you can fly WITHOUT it." Not much of a choice for people who've paid hundreds of hard earned pounds and are all geared up for their hols, is it?
Now the thing is - it doesn't appear be BA's fault, but BAA's fault. That's the British Airport Authority. In fact BA are threatening to sue BAA  (could be confusing in court). Anyway BAA's - not BA's - 'all-singing, all-dancing' baggage-handling system appeared to have, er, forgotten the music. It went into meltdown... Passengers are still dealing with the 'knock-ons' and we'll have the latest on those.
How's this for today's nomination for a 'Victor Meldrew' award? Over one hundred thousand pounds is spent installing a CCTV surveillance system at a train station... but then no one connects it. There are disagreements. No one connects it. Arguments. No one connects it. Two women are then sexually assaulted at this station but still no one connects it. "I don't believe it." It's true.
Also sadly true is the fact that another young Londoner has died - it would seem at this stage - because of gang warfare.  Yesterday afternoon - in broad daylight this is - a 16 year old was stabbed to death. A 'good Samaritan' tried to save his life and we'll be hearing from him this evening. We'll then hear from a former gang-member who today became Crimestoppers' first Community Champion. How does HE think we could stop this violence?
Change of gear... and onto a bit of a spangle and glitterdust. It's the Brits tonight, presented by Mr and Mrs Osborne - AKA Ozzie and Sharon. Adele, Kate Nash, Leona Lewis, Take That and the Arctic Monkeys are all up for awards. Sir Paul Macca's going to be getting a lifelong pat on the back (makes a change from arguing over who'll get the fondue set) and... and... Lucy Cotter will be there at Earl's Court to whet your appetite. It's live on ITV1 you see.
So - there's a real range of real news for you.
We reckon you should join us at SIX.
Ben & Katie.