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Friday November 3rd - and just forty eight hours from Bonfire Night. Lots of us have been chatting about Sunday night - some are going to school events, a few are off to the Battersea bash and others are planning something in their own back gardens.

It's fireworks, bonfires, warm wine, hot chocolate and marshmallows time again.
Unless you live in Tower Hamlets.

The Council have funded a firework event for sometime but this year the organisers don't want a Guy... nor do they even want a fire. That's because it would bring back memories of the 17th century Catholic plot, led by Guy Fawkes, to blow up the Houses of Parliament as King James 1st ( 6th of Scotland, and a Stuart points out Alastair ) performed the State Opening of Parliament, and the cruel and unusual punishments meted out to poor old Guido and his incendiary buddies.
So, instead, there will be the reading of a Bengali folk tale.

The temperature of the "politically correct Vs politically incorrect" debate in our office was enough to mull a gallon or eight of wine and roast a million marshmallows.
Marcus will report and Tamzin and Alastair will ask you for your views

Old Man River should pull his weight a bit more when it comes to global warming, some say. And London's network of Canals. Well he and they will, Estelle tells us. Think less Eddie Stobbart and more Ancient Mariner and you'll be on the right track.

Its enough to make you cry.... Tracks of My Tears and.... Tears of a Clown: it must be a case of smoke getting in your eyes..... sorry, I'm off on one: Tamzin has been talking to vocal legend Smokey Robinson. Ah - what a combination.

Mark Eccelston takes us to the movies and, yes, we will have his take on Borat.....

Chrissie has her weather and, finally, we will give you a special edition of What Not to Miss!!! All the firework displays and parties we could find.... apart from Tower Hamlets.

See you at 6.

A & T