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Good afternoon to you.

Now, my friends, it's the middle of the week already - and we find ourselves with a very full Wednesday programme on our hands. So, let's crack on.

Sharon Shoesmith is a name that is instantly recognisable to a lot of people. In charge of Haringey Council's Childcare services when Baby P met his appalling, and appallingly early, fate, Ms Shoesmith was sacked last December. The question is: should she have been sacked? She feels that she was treated unfairly and is taking legal action against the council. It is a highly emotive subject. After all, what no one questions is the fact that an entirely innocent baby boy died. It will be a difficult case for all involved. Ronke will bring us the details later.

Okay. Indicate. Mirror. Manoeuvre. Or try to. Just wait a bit. Wait a minute... the junction's closed. Getting anywhere on the M25 can be a challenge, some might say, that rivals journeying to the North Pole on your ownsome, carrying nothing but half a Twix and an extra vest. Until today, we all thought that (yes, we did). Well, now we know that. It's official. The AA says it is Britain's worst motorway for road closures. If it's facts and figures you're after, Lewis will have them for you.

Mr Harris, meanwhile, is looking to the skies. Who wants a new skyscraper built next to Canary Wharf? Tower Hamlets Council doesn't. Boris Johnson does. So does Crossrail. You see, if the developers get their way and West India Quay does get built, those same developers have to cough up a not inconsiderable £4,000,000 for the Crossrail coffers. Hardly a make or break donation, perhaps, when the overall bill is north of £16,000,000,000. But have you got £4,000,000 to spare? Should that be a deciding factor in granting the planning permission? You'll get your say on this tonight.

You'll probably have your own thoughts on another of our stories. Chantal McCorkle has just been moved to Holloway Prison after being held in an America jail for 11 years. She and her husband, William, were found guilty of fraud and money-laundering and jailed for 24 years in Florida back in 1998. But William said his wife's role in their property scam was minimal and there's been a concerted campaign first to cut her sentence and then get her sent home to Britain. Her family in Slough are delighted she is back in the country but they're now fighting to get her released altogether. Has she done the right time for doing the crime? Marcus will have the low-down.

What else? What else?

Well, we've one story that offers hope born out of the sort of heartache none of us want to face but so many have to. This afternoon, down at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, 25 models took part in a fashion show. So far, so good. But every one of them has had or is now living with breast cancer. The point of what is a glitzy, glamourous, event is to 'recast' people's perception of breast cancer: both those suffering from it and others close to them. We're expecting Sally Rourke to come back with an inspirational report.

Finally, we have two 'piano' stories. Two very different piano stories. One involves a 10 year old boy in Woking who writes and plays music about his budgies. The other involves a hugely popular and flamboyant pianist from, er, beyond the grave. I know, I know. But with Glen Goodman covering it, it should make some great television.

Tune it for it at six.

Ben & Katie