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Good afternoon.
"James and the Giant Peach", "Matilda" and "The BFG" proved Roald Dahl was a brilliant writer of children's stories. "Tales of the Unexpected" proved he was more than that and capable of holding our gripped attention, as adults, as much as that of our children. And tonight's show has more of the "Tales" to it than "The BFG" - though Arthur Smith is in later and I've always seen him as something of a big friendly giant.
Anyway, to the "unexpected".
To a degree those of you living in London and those of you living in the home counties both did a bit of the "unexpected" yesterday in the European elections. You cast your votes back on Thursday but when the Returning Officers declared what you had done, it was very different inside the Teapot, that is the old GLC bit, and the dough-nut ring that is the Home counties bit. And both not quite what was "expected". Harris counts the "X"s and reveals all.
Also "unexpected" is Gary McKinnon in what he did and why he did it. Hacking, to me, is making not a good job of the Sunday roast but to Gary it was an attempt to take a look at US defence and space information that was encoded on computers and hidden behind several cyber walls so that the likes of him couldn't succeed. But succeed he did and the Americans, less than pleased, want to throw the book at him. Odd, in the digital age of floppy discs and micro-chips they still throw "the book" at people who allegedly commit computer crime. Anyway, he doesn't want to cross the pond for a judicial natter and face possible incarceration; he's won the right to argue his case here to avoid that fearful journey. Damien went for a chat. Fascinating and rather frightening, I must say.
Not "unexpected" is the RMT threatening to disrupt the Tube in pursuit of better wages and conditions. "Unexpected" is the fact that, with a little more than 24 hours to go, they are still talking to TfL from whom they have already extracted a few concessions. But I suppose if a door is ajar, you lean. "Unexpected" is Bozza's contribution to 'peace in our time'. Phil is in the trenches.
Dr Crippen and his disguised mistress Ethel Le Neve did not expect an intervention from the Boys in Blue as they fled to Canada on an Ocean liner. "Just off for a break", I am sure the good Doctor declared, or words to that effect. But thanks to another "unexpected", the timely invention of radio by Mr Marconi, they were tracked, caught, tried and he was hanged. If the latest research from America is to be believed, however, that may have been the most "unexpected" aspect of all. Marcus plays Mr Pierrepoint for your enlightenment.
Finally, there are healthy heroes in London and we intend to find and reward them as part of our joint venture with those nice Pride of Britain award people. "Unexpected"? That there are healthy heroes? Surely not! That we are cooperating with one of Fleet Street's finest? Never!
For you, my finest friends, the sky is the limit.
Or, as Gary McKinnon discovered, "per ardua ad astra"
Latin in the blog? That is "unexpected".

Up up and away.... at 6.
Alastair and Katie.