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Hello all. Welcome to what is set to be another cold and icey weekend. The weather dominates once again tonight as we concentrate on the region's schools. It must be a tough call for head teachers to decide whether to close their doors or not in the bad weather. If they do, they risk creating a knock-on childcare nightmare for parents and get accused of being too soft. If they do soldier on and keep their doors open despite the snow, they risk the health and safety of staff and pupils. As ever, a common sense balance needs to be struck, but is it being? Murray Dron has spent the day looking at how many schools in our area have closed and how the Heads make the decision. What does seem strange is why some schools are shut while those just down the road stay open? Murray will have more and as ever, your thoughts welcome on the email.

We'll also take an in-depth look at how the bad weather can affect the elderly. Last winter in London more than three and a half thousand people over the age of 65 died because of cold weather. But it's not just their health that can suffer - many feel isolated and alone. Ronke Philips investigates.

The last of what's been an emotive series of features from Phil Bayles about our ASBO city tonight and Hollywood actor Colin Salmon (who's been in several Bond movies playing 'M's' sidekick) is coming in, weather permitting! He'll fill us in on his 'thrilling' new film, 'Exam'.

And then - I make an idiot of myself ice skating. There's more to the story as I meet nine-time British speed skating champion, European silver medalist and soon-to-be three-time Olympian, Sarah Lindsay. But, 'I make a prat of myself ice skating' pretty much sums things up.

See you six

Matt and Nina
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