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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 20th March

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 20th March
Hello there...

The talent has wandered off again - I'm starting to wonder if I should take my presenters' dalliances elsewhere as a personal affront! For now I suppose, I shall just have to service your needs with my own witty repartee.
There's a worry for you...

Yes it's the Programme Editor again. Alastair is rather busy - interviewing the Prime Minister no less - and Katie is rather busy recording the radio programme that entertains thousands of fans.
So, what do me, myself and I have for you on London Tonight?
Well, Alastair will bring you that conversation with the Prime Minister where he backs his man for Mayor. Who's his man, we hear you ask? Why, Red Ken of course. That stalwart Labour activist expelled from the party, only to be welcomed back with open arms by Gordon Brown's predecessor. And if Gordon gets his way, Ken will have served more years in office than his nemesis Mr Blair. A sort of fabulous irony about that isn't there? Anyway, Al I'm sure will be giving them both a bit of a grilling.
There's also the nightmare that is travel in London this Easter weekend. If you're still at home - maybe you're delaying your journey until after the rush, or you're avoiding it altogether staying well and truly put. We'll have the latest on all the disruption out there, so you stay-at-home folks can just bask in smuggery.
Then there's the lady who had her bottom bit by a rat! Yes, really.

And Sir Ian McKellen starring in a pop video...
Plus some inspirational young chaps who, 5 years after the war in Iraq began, are rebuilding their lives torn apart by it. They really are incredible young heroes, and I don't use the word lightly.

Add to that the stars making gushing acceptance speeches at the Capital Awards, and a taster of the best of the Easter weekend entertainment if you ARE sticking within the M25...
It's going to be great... Psst... Has anyone seen my presenters?
Faye, the Programme Editor.