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Quick question..Could it BE any nicer outside!!??

Very jealous of any of you who have been working outside this week. Robin is looking less scared of me - I have threatened violence if the weather doesn't continue this weekend - I have a bbq planned and a summer dress purchased for birthday celebrations and I will not be pleased if I have to put a mac over it and stand under a brolly to burn my burgers. He seems confident I may only have to dodge the odd summery shower. He'll tell us all the details later - here's hoping - for him as much as me!

Our meeting was moved outside in the sun in honour of the gorgeous day. But the kids in our first story weren't moved out of the classroom for the same reason unfortunately. Their teachers sent them home for reasons like not having the right pencils or pens or being cheeky in class. Now, this wasn't just a couple of kids - it was almost half of an entire school, apparently, on one day. Perhaps the teachers wanted an afternoon off in the sun - or perhaps they were just at the end of their tether and needed to instill a bit of discipline. Rachel's gone to find out.

Then, we've finally found out who the victim in the jigsaw killings was. Jeffrey Howe's body parts were found scattered miles apart - now police have arrested two people and they're building up a picture of the victim.

We've also got some green Olympic news for you - apparently organisers - trying to make sure our buses and tubes don't seize up no doubt - have come up with plans to use ferries to move around not only the spectators - but also some of the building materials needed to get our venues ready for 2012. The best bit is - they're solar powered. Hope they work - and hope Bozza and co come up with a way for the rest of us to use them. Would be lovely to get a solar powered ferry home tonight...I'll settle for a stroll along the river for now though.

This time last year I was getting ready to run along the river - and the rest of it! It's marathon time again. I know loads of you will be getting butterflies as the last few hours slip by and you taper off and carb load. We all wish you the best of luck and will be cheering you on. It's such an amazing experience - and the feeling you get running past all those people who've come out to support you is so overwhelming it erases all memory of that horrible winter training. I have to admit my time wasn't great - I did finish before some of the rhinos and the guy in the diving suit - but one guy reckons he's going to do it in just 90 minutes! Emma Walden's been to meet him.

Right now we're trying to get to the bottom of what's going on with Frank Lampard. The Chelsea player's been on the radio blasting one of LBC's DJs who he reckons accused him of not looking after his kids properly.

Then it's movie time - Robbie Collin is here to tell us what to check out at the flicks - I wish there were drive-ins here or more open air theatres. Wouldn't it be lovely to sit outside and watch a movie tonight...wonder if taking the laptop into the garden would have the desired effect...maybe not....

One of the Love London Awards went to one of our fantastic cinemas - find out which one and who else won what tonight. I went along and presented the award earlier today for best neighbourhood restaurant - such a fantastic event and so many deserving nominees. See for yourself later.

There's also what not to miss if you need inspiration for the weekend..

See you at 6.

Alex & Ben.