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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 14th March

Afternoon everyone,

We've had it a few days running, we know, but isn't this sunny weather terrific? Puts a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

One man who's probably singing a happy tune today is London's Olympic boss. Lord Coe has triumphantly announced that Lloyds TSB is the first official sponsor for the 2012 Games... after the banking giant promised a not-unimpressive £80 million. Yes, we know we told you in yesterday's programme but we've got the low-down today on what they'll spend the cash on, and what a bank gets in return. Piers Hopkirk will have the details.

Now, cast your mind back to last month and the horrific 'moped-mugging' of Jane Gauntlett. Three guys on their mopeds grabbed her handbag while she was cycling near Paddington. She was left fighting for her life. What on earth can police do to stop attacks like that? Well, today, Phil Bayles has had exclusive access with the Met to find out.

With environmentalists warning it's time to say our prayers for the future of the earth, questions are being asked as to whether the church is playing its part. Not so much on the praying front, but on the insulating of big old draughty churches front. It's not us asking the questions, it's the Bishop of London and this evening Emma Walden will be walking an energy-saving expert round St Paul's to get marks out of ten.

Two people who DO deserve marks out of ten are PC Byrne and PC Byrne. The Mr and Mrs team of the City of London Police won't mind us saying that their battle to uphold the law is as compared to their battle with the bulge... together they've lost a total of nine stone. And that's a lot of extra weight to carry when you're walking the beat all day. Kate Recordon has been finding out how they shed shed-loads.

We'll also be pitchside before Spurs go head to head with Braga in their UEFA Cup game at White Hart Lane... Jasmine Lowson has been talking to Julian McMahon (he of 'Nip Tuck' and 'Charmed' fame) about his new movie... and Ms Reidy is on weather duty.

It's all on ITV1, this evening, at six.

See you then,

Ben and Katie