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Tuesday 29th July

Tuesday 29th July

Hello and Good Afternoon to you...

Quick one tonight as the programme running order may be about to get turned on its head.

AT THE MOMENT... we're starting with an announcement from the Mayor of London that an extra (fanfare) £700,000 is to be spent targeting knife crime in the capital. That's a lot of money. If you were buying a house, perhaps. Is it a lot of money though when it comes to the size of problem posed by London's knife crime...?

A couple of stories involving the emergency services for you - (if you were watching our late bulletin last night you'll know that) an ambulance took a trip from Camden to University College last night - with Amy Winehouse on board... While fire-engines rushed to a blazing church in Shepherds Bush this morning.

We're also live on the scene with a man who's lost his marble. A marble shark, in fact. Someone's pinched it (her) from his garden shed.

And from sharks to a lion story. Actually, the story's over 30 years old. Never let it be said we're not first with the news. It is an enchanting story about a lion who was bought in Harrods, lived in Chelsea, before being released into the wild in Kenya. However, the story - as you will see - does not end there.

Still waiting to see if another bit of news is going to make a dramatic entrance into the show.

Join us at SIX to find out.


Ben & Katie