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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 16th January

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 16th January
Good afternoon.

Faye - the beatific vision who produces this programme - and I have much in common: a passion for news, joint membership of ITN's Award Winning Quiz Team and cats.
She has just had her security system modified so her moggies can roam free without activating the laser sensors. I am very interested as my cats have to stay in the utility room at night so as not to trouble the boys in blue because they might think the swag-bag boys in striped tee-shirts and eye-masks were having a go at what is mine and not theirs.

Viewers may find this helpful but none more so than those in Surrey, where the Chief Constable says half his crime is carried out by travellers ; not Romanies but baddies who clamber aboard their chosen form of transport, do the dastardly deed in Mr. Surrey-cop's manor and then slink back - most often to central London. Some is serious organised crime, some is drug dealing and much is burglary. Harris has his Blues and Twos blasting and booming. We also talk to a reformed burglar who has more tips on how you can protect your property. Better the devil you know....

Flanders & Swan penned and regularly performed a wondrous ditty in tribute to the London omnibus, and On The Buses was  a truly dreadful yet curiously popular sitcom way back when. So buses in entertainment are not uncommon. But, in your front room, when you are watching TV, uncommon they are. Liz met the family who's afternoon viewing was spectacularly interrupted.

If you don't like  buses let alone cars, you may be a cyclist. Piers has great news for you for those post-pedal moments of pain - you'll need a towel.

Robin meets the free-running street athletes who are training the Royal Marines to scale even greater heights with even greater agility in defence of the realm.

Ben meets Nicola and Thug who are two utterly delicious creatures who can well defend themselves despite being little for their breed. Hip-hip hooray, you'll shout!

As you will when we confirm that the BAFTAs this year look set to be an overwhelmingly British affair. Uncle Sam, eat your heart out: the Brits have come, seen and conquered. The Producer of Atonement tells us why. 

Amidst talk of flooding in Surrey, Robin will have the weather prospects.
All that plus your thoughts on crime, if you send them in, and the papers if they are delivered - the milk was late but we live in hope.
I've just appeared on Countdown and Katie is nowhere to be seen.
I am sure, however, we will both be here at 6.
Hope you are there.

Alastair & Katie, woman of mystery and international intrigue, perhaps out looking for fruit? I haven't bought her any today.
Pip pip.