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London Tonight Tonight: Fri 14th March

London Tonight Tonight: Fri 14th March

Good afternoon. This Friday we have a First Class package for you - lie back in your fully reclining sleeper-seat , but don't nod off until we've finished!

Sip from a running order that would not look out of place in the finest cellars in the land and feast from a news menu for which Three Michelin Stars would seem an under-statement.

We start at Heathrow where one local resident won the chance to declare the brand new Terminal 5 open . Her house lies on the flight path and, when at home, she and her family enjoy seeing the majestic aircraft wafting in and out of London's premier airport - a royal treat for them all.

No objections, then, from her when they said they were expanding it and she seemed pleased as punch when she declared it "open for business" today.

Others are less than happy and fear further expansion. But we'll reflect both sides of the argument as we see T5 come in on budget and on time.

We've in-flight entertainment with James who offers you 10,000 BC and Horton. He comments, you chose.

Trolley dolly Salma will offer you pre-weekend nibbles in the form of What Not To Miss before returning to the cockpit to fulfill her duties as co-pilot.

I'd have happily helped with the WNTM nibbles but she insisted I check the champagne was chilled. Who am I to argue?

Also onboard and one day heading for Broadway or even Hollywood, the new star of the top musical Hairspray. She recently won an Olivier award which is a bit like giving your career an "upgrade" - Leanne Jones is on her way from duty free to join us in the studio.

We're thinking of redecorating it so we sent Louisa to the Ideal Home Exhibition to gather a few ideas.

So, all that plus a remarkable selection of news stories which will help the time fly by but leave you better informed before you return to your seats, tighten your belts and prepare to land for a lovely weekend.

We'd like to thank you for flying London Tonight.

Chocks away and see you at Six.

Alastair and Salma