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Oh the promise of some fine sunshine today has petered out. There is no prettier city on the planet than London in the sun. West London - this morning it was bliss and I played trampoline with the kids before getting into the office. Now that is the way to start the day. Well after when the sun comes out - with the world cup on the horizon - there are punters and landlords licking their lips at the prospect of a bumper summer.

They're keen to make up for last year's washout and the fact that England didn't make it to the last major tournament, Euro 2008 - both of which cost them dearly. But all is not as idyllic as it appears to be - tonight we bring you the story of a town in Berkshire determined to keep football fans away from its pubs for one of the crucial, first-round games for Fabio Capello's men? We will be looking for your views on this!
And Kate Nash is in town with the latest on her new album and as ever we also have the best view of politics in London. We have so much in common me and Kate - she has a pet rabbit and the Macintyre's have one too - and both are rabbits are called Fluffy - bet we are the only ones in the country who call our rabbits FLUFFY.

Well, election fever has yet to reach its highest pitch but it is escalating - and we are following all the action all the way wiith our guru Simon Harris. We have Manali with the weather tonight and I was delighted that the fine rays she promised last weekend arrived so keep up the good weather please - let's keep tabs on her forecasts this week and let's pray that morning sunshine survives well into the afternoon. Enjoy the show and catch me with the late bulletin after the News at Ten.

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