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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 3rd May

I took my daughter to An Audience With Take That: she took it very seriously and, I must say, I thought they were charming and talented young men. I have never seen Abba, but I am told Mamma Mia is a fine piece of work but whether or not Take That will lend themselves to a similar treatment as the subjects of a musical, I do not know. My daughter fears it is sacrilege but Willsy, with an open mind and a sporting outlook, went along to find out... And tried to win a place!

Neither Tamzin nor I are ardent football fans, though her lovely husband has something in common with Delia Smith and it is not the ability to produce a perfect Victoria sponge. But we are both in total sympathy with the fans who queued all night for tickets for the FA Cup Final (at Wembley, as things stand) only to find that when they got there, the cupboard was bare.

I don't know how many of them threw their toys out of their prams but a mother was entitled to do just that with whatever was in her child's pram when an unimaginative, unhelpful driver refused to let her, her child and the pushchair board "his" bus (he was a bit that way) using the back-door. He caused fear, panic, mayhem and anger in the woman and lots of the other passengers too. Hear how at 6.

He may need anger management or maybe his problems go back much further. Who knows.
But, in a serious attempt to keep our kids on the straight and narrow, the Met have suggested the brothers and sisters of Gang Members should be plucked from the arms of temptation and given help from Social Services. We all agree it is an interesting idea. We don't all agree it would work. So, we're mounting a debate on the programme and would love to hear from you, once you've heard the arguments, what you think.

Then we'll all chill out with a bit of Classic Brits: nothing like a nice aria to round the evening off.

See you at 6.

Alastair and Tamzin.