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Good Afternoon,

It's chilly outside, so stay in with us. There's plenty to keep you informed and entertained on tonight's programme.

We start with a terrifying tale of robbers who snatched people off the street and forced them to hand over their pin numbers - before raiding their bank accounts. Full details at six.

Elsewhere, a tale we think is a bit of a talking point. An animal centre in Kensal Green claims it's under threat .... because of new parking restrictions. The problem, a residents parking zone will mean ambulances, on standby for sick creatures, will no longer be able to park outside for free. The solution, so say its supporters, is to make the Mayhew Animal Centre a special case and exempt it from the new rules. We'll be bringing you the details and asking for your opinions.

It's all aboard The Illustrious for our reporter Phil Bayles. The aircraft carrier's in the Thames ahead of Poppy Day on Sunday and Phil's live in Greenwich for us with a sailor's eye view of the Royal Navy Flagship.

It's Friday so a bumper hamper of entertainment's on offer. We've an interview with dance act Faithless, a trip to the movies with our critic James King AND of course our usual whizz round a whole raft of ideas for things to keep you busy in the capital this weekend.

Chrissie's getting into the nautical spirit too...she's broadcasting her weather report live from the Cutty Sark.

Oh, and a great competition for you.

All waiting for you at 6 o Clock.



Good Afternoon and Welcome to our mid-week message!

Gone but not forgotten, our dear Mayor winged his merry way to Venezuela to finalise the oil-for-public-services-advice deal last week...... but then decided he'd go via Cuba to have a chat about the Olympics..... and pop in to see how Fidel Castro was doing.
Now Ken is a serial election winner in Brent and for London Mayor but, hard to believe, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez suddenly decided Ken might not help HIS election prospects so the visit was cancelled. Odd? It gets odder. Arriving back at Gatwick this morning, not a word passed the normally over-worked lips of our Mayor. Instead he just hummed. And hummed. Simon Harris is trying to get to the bottom of this Latin American-cum-Cuban mystery.

Fighting gun crime is an absolute priority for the Met because it is an absolute priority for most Londoners. Rock stars, fashion icons, youth leaders - all have spoken out against gun-crime in an effort to dissuade young Londoners from carrying and using guns.
So why are Puma producing a new trainer with an image of a machine gun on them, with the slogan 'I Steal For A Living'? And why are they launching the new fashion-shoe in London? We are concerned and think you might be, too. So Phil is on the case and we want to know what you think.

Different sort of fashion: you'll need a dinner suit or long-frock if you win tonight's spectacular competition: tickets for the premiere of latest Bond blockbuster Casino Royale. Strut your stuff on the red-carpet but you must be dressed to the nines. Details at 6.

Is your hospital on the hit-list of possible closures in the latest round of health service reforms? The Department of Health didn't want you to know nor did they want us to know. But we do and so you will... if you tune in.

Southend 1 Man U 0! Say no more! Well, actually, we will be saying quite a bit more: Glen is in giant killer mode from the home of the country's longest pier and shortening odds for Cup glory.

And, a dream come true: Chrissie, not only on the weather, not only on a white Christmas but really, truly, honestly.... on ice-skates!
StratoCumulous and a dollop of double salkos, just for you.

Toe-loop your way in our direction at 6.

Don't forget the Black tie and evening gown!!!!

A & K


Hi there.

Its a dreadful question but what do you think is the biggest killer of young people in London. Cancer? Drugs? Alcohol? Or what about violence....knives or guns?

Well its none of the above. Watch at 6 to find out...you'll be shocked and surprised as London Tonight highlights the campaign to tackle it.

Now Mayor Ken Livingstone might be a long way from the capital but he's never far away from the headlines. This time Ken is in hot water...or perhaps that should be oil over a visit to Venezuela where he was supposed to be discussing a supply of the black stuff for London. All sorts of excuses have been given but the long and the short of it is Mayor Ken didn't meet with President Chavez and now he's got to justify the cost of the trip. We've more on this tonight.

On the lighter side of life we've got an amazing James Bond competition with a trip to Nice and loads of goodies for the winner, we'll be taking a look at a massive night in the history of Southend United as they entertain Premiership leaders Manchester United in the Carling Cup and then there's the latest band to re-unite, Genesis are getting back together, Phil Collins and all, for a World tour.

Oh yes and Chrissie Reidy's been up in a flying boat as well!

See you at six!