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Another sunny day in the capital - another day of G20ness.

But today there's a very different atmosphere in the City. The protesters have mostly gone home, the graffiti's being washed away, the litter picked up and the windows of the bank boarded up.

There are protesters outside the summit - I say outside, but they're actually being kept a "safe" distance away - about 600 meters away to be precise. They're not happy but they're not making their point in the same way as some of them did yesterday.

Today's images are of squats being raided and small groups of people trying to make their voices heard. All the while the suits are inside discussing - they're going to stop all the chat just in time for the show when we'll know what, if anything, has been decided.

Al's on his way back from the Excel now - he was allowed in and has been chatting to Bob Geldof and other important types about what's going on.

Ben's swapping places with him and will keep us up to date with the goings on at the Excel in the programme. Meanwhile, after we sent Nick right into the middle of the protests yesterday he's been out checking on the aftermath, and Simon's going to wrap it all up like Mrs Obama hugging Her Maj - talking us through just what all the chat is going to mean for us..

Away from the G20 and all the way up to Leicestershire 'cos that's where a head's been found. Marcus tells us if the head belongs to the other body parts which have turned up around town in the past couple of weeks.

Also, some breaking news which won't make the show but should get more than a mention here - we've just heard the Big Boss (that's Stuart Thomas in the real world) is leaving us. He's been the Editor for 5 years, steering the good ship LT to success after success (I'm not sucking up..there's no point now he's leaving, obviously, just telling it how it is..) So, he's moving on (well, moving North where his family is actually) and cutting his commute considerably. Much Congrats - he will be hugely missed.
[ *** I am just back from Excel and THIS bit, I particularly agree with !!! *** Alastair]

Speaking of missed - you wouldn't want to miss Billy Ocean. He's on coming in tonight - which is why I've got The Going Gets Tough in my head. Remember that in Jewel of the Nile? Brilliant movie and a great song. Al and I will be chatting to him about his first album in 15 years, tailoring and the Notting Hill Carnival.

Then we've also got another one of our "Search for Stars" stars.

It's all at 6.

See you then,

Alex & Alastair.