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It's sunny again!! I'm easily pleased - a bit of sun's all I need - well, a glass of wine would be nice too and a comfy seat in a pub garden..but considering I'm still off the booze for lent and the show's on at 6 I'll have to be content with just the nice weather for now..

Al's not here yet - he's at a charity lunch - so it's just me for now - but later it'll be me, him and Robbie Collin doing the movies as James King's decided to bunk off today. I saw The Boat That Rocked last night - and must admit I had pretty high expectations for it - great cast and a subject close to my heart (sort of...I started work on a radio station..but not one on a boat..anyway..) My sister's been texting me lines from the film all day "You look like a Unicorn" and "He's a guy who has a lot of friends, long hair and wears a dress...who is it!?" If you've seen the movie already you'll get it. Now, I did get it - but I didn't think it was wet your pants funny, disappointing... Monsters versus Aliens does look v funny though - love a cartoon but fear I may have to borrow a child to see it. Maybe I'll wait for that one to hit DVD.

Enough movies for now - more news.

Remember all those body parts that have been turning up? Now police say the arm, leg and head (which was found in Leicestershire) are all from the same body..so a killer's chopped someone up and is ditching parts all over the country. Marcus Powell's got the job of telling the gruesome story.

More gruesome news from Italy where the Meredith Kercher trial's been shown pictures of her body and the murder scene. The media's been banned after a request from her family - but Keith Miller's going to bring us up to date from Perugia.

Al's back and is now sticking his oar in!! He's instructed me to tell you he's a huge PD James fan - so he's finding these stories not only gruesome but intriguing.. He's now also singing Oh Vienna at me...more of in a mo...

Onto the less gory parts of the show and LVJ's been to meet a lollipop man who's become the focus of an internet campaign. Great grandfather Fred Kent's been told he can't do his job anymore - 'cos he's just turned 80. The kids love him and Lewis is going to tell us about their parent's plans to keep him on the road.

Now the sport - as you probably know Al and I both love Formula One and our Brit boys Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button (I also have a soft spot for my Aussie mate Mark Webber but we don't need to go into that here....) So, as happy as we were that Jens won Down Under - the hangover from the overtaking/not overtaking lying/not lying...between Lewis and Jarno hasn't made for the best start to the season. We hear from little Lewie himself tonight.

There's also footy - and Chelsea getting ready to take on Newcastle and their new Messiah (third one this season..yes?!)

You saw those great pics of Michelle Obama at a school in Islington yesterday - she was overwhelmed and the little kids all wanting to hug her made Al tear up too - so Big Boss has sent Glen down to see the kids and find out all about the First Lady's visit. Prepare for more welling up.. so sweet!

Now to that Vienna stuff - and yes Alastair I do know the song - I'm not that young (I wish!!). But, I don't really remember Ultravox as such though - but Al bought Vienna on vinyl and loves it - an anthem he says... Well, Midge is back with the boys and Lucy's been to see them - first time they've been back together since Live Aid (not Live 8 kids!).

See you at 6 then,

Alex & Alastair