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Dogs, Poo and Dribble are apparently the words du jour.

This is mostly because Alastair agrees with Southend Council's plan to ban dogs from beach - I disagree. He thinks they poo everywhere. I think nice dog owners pick up poo. We threw things at eachother to resolve our differences. Luckily it wasn't poo.

Unfortunately Ken has become fond of the word dribble today. I'm trying to separate the afor mentioned words from being linked with this one and suggest it may be a footballing analogy. I can't remember why he was saying dribble or in what context (I was listening, honestly!) but I'm sure he said it three times.

Not sure where I'm going with this - think I'd better raise the tone before Neil Sedaka comes in - although I think maybe, like Alastair, he could be fond of rude jokes.

No jokes until then on the show tonight though as we have to tell you more about the brutal, pointless and devastating end of two young lives. We're following the trial of the two accused of killing Meredith Kercher in Perugia where Amanda Knox is under the spotlight and grabbing headlines yet again. Then the headlines which have grabbed us all today following the guilty verdicts delivered in the Ben Kinsella murder trial yesterday. His killers- branded brutal and cowardly by the judge - have been given life sentences. But not before sticking the knife in again - actually jeering his family, who they'd already torn to bits, as their sentences were delivered. Brooke - Ben's sister - has written an eloquent letter to the papers and wishes, like many of us, that life meant life for these poor excuses for human beings. She's going to come in on Monday and talk to Alastair about how they are coping and what her hopes are for for Ben's legacy.

Also tonight - if the tube strike wasn't enough there could be a post strike too. Actually - is that really as devastating? Don't we all just email stuff now? Hmm - Marcus will deliver the verdict. Then we've got the decision on the redevelopment of Chelsea barracks - the Prince has got his way and the Al approves. Then the dog poo - which I shall skip over rather than tread in again.

Flicks with the King (Hangover and Eric Cantona's movie) both good Ken assures and Neil Sedaka no less, no mess, (dog or other) no fuss.

Right, no makeup so must go and put some on, no lunch so must get something to eat.

No more time,
See you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.
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