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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 13th January 2009

Good afternoon.

David Beckham, whether for Manchester United, LA Galaxy or AC Milan, is more of a goal-maker than goal-taker. He passes, sweeps, builds and constructs the circumstances for others to take the goal. Rooney and Ronaldo, for example, are "takers". They loiter, waiting for the likes of David to give them service and then strike. They are goal-mouth scavengers. Odd, then, that David isn't, because we now know that one of his East End ancestors was a scavenger. The man gave this as his "trade" in the 1911 census. We chose Daisy as our elegant guinea pig to rifle through the original documents which went online today to discover what her long-since passed relatives did. The results are intriguing and quite emotional, especally when Daisy shares them with her mum. At six, she shares them with you.

Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem because of a census, some 2009 years and three weeks ago. Baby J will never appear on a census because he was killed by his mum. "Social workers, again," I hear some of you muse. No. Health visitors this time. A shocking twist to the scourge of child neglect and the views of Esther Ranzten of That's Life and Childline fame at 6.

Plus, and I am now under some pressure from Faye (no time even for a wardrobe note) the ghost bus that goes from A to B but without passengers; the Government giving South West Trains a red light over their plans to shut some booking offices; how under-cover market gardening may come to the rescue of the people of Sipson and give BAA a bloody nose over a bigger Heathrow; and hitting you with the rhythm stick that is Ian Dury's bio-musical.
I'd have liked longer but SHE'S off!

But, hey, the Oz is back so all is not bad. In fact it's fair dinkum.

See you at 6

Alastair and Alex.