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Good Evening.

It's Stuart here again - I'm the Editor and I'm writing this because Alastair is rather busy at Heathrow right now.

It was flashed by the Press Association at 05:57 this morning. They send stories - or "wires" - to newsrooms around the country.
The flash this morning read:

PA-1 POLICE Terror
A major terrorist plot to allegedly blow up aircraft in mid-flight has been
thwarted in a joint pre-planned intelligence led operation by the Met's
anti-terrorist branch and security service, the Metropolitan Police said today.

That pretty much set up the day.

Tonight - Alastair's live at Heathrow with the latest as it unfolds.

We'll bring you the story of the day. The latest on the police operation. We're in High Wycombe where ordinary looking suburban homes are being searched.
We'll show you how Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted were brought to a virtual standstill. And we'll have advice for those due to travel in the next few days.

It's an extraordinary story - join us for a special programme tonight - and the ITV Evening News follows straight after us with even more.

That's an hour of special coverage - only on ITV1 from six.