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Hello. Quick word on last night's programme. Not sure if you saw our Christmas lights switch-on extravaganza, but what a stirling job by Lucy and Ben at St Paul's and Leicester Square! Those sort of things are always a bit of a nightmare, but it looked great from the front row sofa I was on. But how scary was it to see the Christmas lights on and hear carols - we're only just in November? In the words of the Disney adaptation that was clearly the driving force behind last night's epic....'Humbug!'

Ok - lots to cram in tonight and in addition to shocking new figures on gun crime in the capital, we have more on the story of five British soliders killed in Afghanistan. Three were from The Grenadier Guards, based in Central London, the others were from the Royal Military Police.The men were shot by a rogue Afghan policeman they were thought to be training inside a checkpoint in Helmand Province yesterday. The Prime Minister told the Commons earlier that the Taliban have claimed responsibilty for the attack and that the shooter could have been a Taliban infiltrator. A total of 92 UK servicemen have now been killed this year, the highest annual figure since the Falklands War in 1982. Lewis Vaughan Jones will have more for us later.

The latest losses in Afghanistan make the days leading up to Remembrance Sunday even more poignant and tonight, a sometimes overlooked military hero is taking centre stage in Trafalgar Square. Sir Keith Park commanded the RAF squadrons in and around the capital during the Battle of Britain and his role was crucial to the defence of London during the Second World War. So why has his statue on the fourth plinth, in the shadow of Horatio Nelson's, been made out of glass fibre? Not sure, but don't panic - a larger bronze one is being erected next year, the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, in Waterloo Place. Ben Scotchbrook's been to have a look.

Also on the programme tonight, more on the story we brought you yesterday about a woman who was rescued by Boris Johnson from an attack by a group of teenage girls in Camden in North London. Franny Armstrong has called the Mayor her 'knight in shining armour' after he stepped in to chase away a group of teenage girls, one of whom was brandishing an iron bar. The Mayor reportedly chased them away on his bike while shouting 'Oiks!' It's a funny story and great PR for Bozza, but there's a serious question to be asked about when chivalry or a sense of civic duty becomes foolhardy. By stepping in, at least Boris was following his own advice: In 2007 he urged people to 'take a risk' when it comes to standing up to thugs, pointing out that the chances of being stabbed were 'microscopic'. Then he was criticised by police. What do you think? Step in or stand aside? Email us your thoughts.

Finally on the programme tonight, Liz Wickham's been sniffing out a cracking yarn about perfume and Hounslow R & B singer, Jay Sean's on the show. He's already had a number one single in America.

See you at Six

Matt and Katie.
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