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Good Afternoon to you.

And if it is a good afternoon where you are, spare a thought for those who are fighting on the front line in Afghanistan, looking after those on the front line, keeping them fed and watered too. It is a massive operation and it will carry on regardless of Christmas. Well, this week, as we most of thoughts turn to decorations, fancy food and exciting presents, we're going to be shining the spotlight on all those who won't be enjoying the fruits of the festive period with their friends and family. Our reporter Ronke Phillips and one of our cameramen, Mike Field, are in Camp Bastion tonight where they're reporting on some members of the Territorial Army who normally live and work in our part of the world but this Christmas are on duty in a much more hostile part of the world. Keep your fingers crossed as we're then hoping to link one of them up with her colleagues at Brixton Prison.

We'll then have the latest on the woman who was questioned at Southwark police station last week. She organised for someone to come and look after her baby. But the police officers there then gave the little girl to, er, someone else. Someone not known to the family. A stranger in fact. Who then left the police station with her. The good news, the excellent news, is that the baby has been found and she's both safe and well. The bad news is that this happened. The Met are, unsurprisingly, looking into it.

Christmas - and the prospect of a less than jolly one - underpins another of our stories. A number of homeowners over Barnet way have lost their gas supply because of a flood. That's no central heating, not hot water, no cooker. How does a flood cut off your gas? We're trying to find out. The thing is - a lot of these people were given a little electric heater to combat the worst of the cold - but that then shorted their electricity supply too. And Christmas is just four days away now...

Someone who probably personifies the true message of Christmas is The Reverend Simon Boxall. His adopted daughter, Hosie, died when she jumped out of a window in Blackheath after two girls bullied her into it. It was a dreadful story and the two culprits were convicted of manslaughter last month. Most of us in the Reverend's position would struggle to say anything less than scathing about the pair of them but he has publicly forgiven them, because he said, someone has to break the cycle of bitterness. And he and his wife feel it should be them.

We've another story which suggests the spirit of Christmas isn't only something you read about in Dickens' novels.

You may remember we told you about some burglars who broke into a house in Islington recently and stole a TV, computer games and Christmas presents - right in front of a nine year old boy. Bailey Preston has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, so was powerless to intervene. Well, when we broadcast the story we had a lot of people getting in touch, telling us how appalled they were. And a lot of them did more than that.

Oh, and we've also got some sewer workers singing a Christmas song. In the sewers. Now that's what I call Christmas.

See you at six,

Ben & Nina

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