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London Tonight: Tuesday January 23rd

Hello. It's cold again, really cold. Chrissie told us it would be, last night, but the greyness of the sky and the chill wind still seem to make it worse.
So, it falls to us to keep you in, warm you up and entertain you.
And I think we might.
Tonight, twenty twelve year olds, (geddit? 2012?), on their hopes and dreams for the London Olympics. Today, there are just 2,012 days to go so they'll be about 16 or 17 come the Games and they are terrific kids. We think you'll enjoy meeting them because Emma certainly did.

Kirstie Allsopp is back, having had her baby, to talk about the year ahead in the property world. Tips, warnings and ever useful bits of guidance from Mama K.

Fancy owning a bit of a Turner and saving the masterpiece for the nation? Tate Britain have come up with an ingenious way of raising the nearly £5 million needed to stop it going into a private collection abroad. Phil, who has done his bit already, will tell you how you can do your bit.

It is day two of our fantastic competition to win a Business Class jet trip to New York with hotel accommodation laid on in the Big Apple. Tune in to have a chance to win one of three pairs of tickets.

And the battle of the giants: Wycombe Wanderers meet Chelsea at Stamford Bridge for a place in the final of the Carling Cup. Probably the best tie in the world, as the brewer might say. The ever impartial Gooner, Marcus, is there and you will want to share in the fizz.
It'll be like a warming football supporters scarf, wrapped round your chilly chin.

All that and more, as they say, at 6. See you then!
Alastair and Katie.