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G'Day Mates (use of Aussie Slang will become clear..promise).

First on the menu tonight is David Ross. I think the phrase "another one bites the dust" is appropriate here. Boris sure can pick 'em - 4th one of his chosen aides to step down since he became Mayor in May. Mr Ross is a bit of an illusive character and doesn't appear to have spoken on camera as far as we can work out - ever. But Simon Harris will explain why the former Carphone Warehouse director has had to drop out of helping plan London 2012.

Also tonight we meet gorgeous couple James Pegram and Melissa Huggins - they should be planning their wedding but are instead trying to raise cash for a life saving op for Melissa - who has a brain tumor at only 27. Liz Wickham's been to speak to them about their tragic situation.

Andy Townsend's going to be on hand to help me (resident expert) explain to Al why Chelsea fans aren't best pleased and why the most lovably cheerful manager in the Premier League (one Signor Scolari) isn't looking quite so happy lately and why he might be looking even more gloomy after tonight's Champions League match against Cluj.

Those sexy crooners JLS (stands for Jack the Lad Swing in case you didn't know..I didn't even though I am an X Factor addict) caused a bit of a commotion last night. There was a stampede at their gig in Croydon which left 5 of their adoring fans injured - nothing serious but still. Knowing the girls are ok I think the excitement about seeing the lads is clearly a sign of just how big these boys are going to get. But Ken (boss while Faye's out picking up awards and avoiding the champagne) and Al aren't impressed. Apparently there was proper hysteria surrounding the Beatles and the Osmonds. I couldn't possibly comment but Lewis Vaughan Jones has been speaking to other kids who don't remember that either but do think the JLS chaps are worth getting overexcited about.

Last but not least Jim Carrey's in town to promote his new movie Yes Man which is based on a book by London writer Danny Wallace. Lucy's been deployed to track him down..not sure why she's taking the bus with him - surely the pink limo was free..I'm sure we'll find out later.

Now - the use of Aussie slang on my part is to highlight our latest award for Best Regional Television Programme.

The gong's been dished out by the Plain English Campaign - who were clearly judging the presentation before I parked myself next to Alastair on the LT sofa. I fear my slight Aussie twang may damage our chances of winning it in the future - but as Al pointed it out, it is all about him (as most things are!) Methinks the reporters, producers and big eds may have had quite a bit to do with scooping the prize for the second time though (first back in 2005) but we won't tell the main man that. Ken has just held the trophy aloft in the newsroom Oscar style - very impressive - you can glimpse it for yourself ce soir and Al will explain in 'Plain 'English' why we've been so generously recognised.

I'm now going to get the man himself to check this is up to scratch - so Sheilas and Cobbers - catch us on the box at 6pm.

Alex and Alastair.
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