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They've done it!!! I'll tell you who's done what in a mo (see, now you have to read all my ramblings...hehe..) I've got a banging headache - no booze to blame so unfortunately I'm going to have to blame it on the weather. It's beautiful out there but I fear the sun may be to blame. I shall stop whinging and get on with it though - as there is a lot of good stuff to get through.

We kick off with the hangover from all that kicked off at the G20 protests. Now our top cop is launching an initiative to stop violence against women. That's today - but 3 weeks ago it was one of his officers directing the violence at a woman. We talk to Nicola Fisher - the woman on the receiving end of that gloved slap and baton whack - I think her opinion is something along the lines of "that's a little bit hypocritical, no?" We're of course interested in your opinions too - is Sir Paul being a hypocrite, or are the cops getting a rough ride over all this G20 stuff? Yes, there may have been violence but are we tarring the whole force with the same brush?

Catch up with what Boris thinks about all of this too - Al's been out and about with the Mayor today - apparently there's a memorable tube journey and some bike riding to look forward to. I don't imagine they were both in lycra suits a la Chris Hoy - ok, I do imagine that...you'll see the full interview tomorrow.

We're just hearing about a pretty scary situation at Basildon Hospital. The police have been called in to look at some intravenous bags which might have been tampered with - they're also looking into the death of a three year old girl - which could be linked to the damaged bags. Ronke's been dispatched to find out all the details so she can tell us and you later.

Also just found out that John Worboys is going to serve a minimum of 8 years for the attacks he carried out on his customers. The former cabbie is also going to have to hand over the money he made driving his black cab to his victims.

Then we have a story about a girl with an extraordinary condition which means she's living her life virtually as a statue. It's a condition which affects just one in a million people - Liz has been to meet her and hear her emotional story so we can all learn more about her plight.

Now, I know you want to know who's done what - you probably guessed if you've been watching the show over the past week - it's the cricketers up Everest. They've only gone and set the record for the highest game ever. It's taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there and get through those overs. I can't wait to hear just how they finally managed it. Mark's going to be live to fill us in.

Also looking forward to finding out about State of Play - it's the new movie which Ashton Kutcher's been tweeting about - see how down with the kids I am now! Anyhow, Lucy's back from Thailand looking fresh and relaxed - although I hear she did catch sight of a tank or two out there..but I digress. She's on the red carpet later talking to the stars - just a Dame - nothing to get excited about or anything...

So, we end as I started - with the weather - and the lovely Robin will hopefully tell me the forecast is still good for my barbie this weekend - I'm off to find something to sort this headache out - ice cream could do it.
See you at 6.

Alex & Al.