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Hello London and, indeed, everyone outside London.

Tonight's a good example of our efforts to cover stories wherever they happen around London - and it's powered by coal.

On the banks of the Thames estuary outside Rochester, Kingsnorth coal-powered station has been supplying electricity for lots of years. There had to be a successor and the powers-that-be have gone for... another coal-powered station - Britain's first for more than 20 years. And as if that wasn't enough to set environmental campaigners' alarm bells ringing, it's reckoned another one could now be built in Tilbury. Do they have to be coal-powered? What about nuclear stations? Nah, surely now's the time for wind and wave-power? All questions we'll be looking at - and asking you tonight.

Mind you, it's a good job we're not relying on a snow-powered station. Remember yesterday, the forecasters got EVERYONE'S alarm bells ringing with talk of snow across our part of the world today, with all the ensuing travel chaos. Er, well, there've been no reports of any ACTUAL snow across the capital at the time of writing. And the travel is only as chaotic as most other evenings... We'll be turning the screws on Chrissie who's been sent out into the cold as a punishment.

We'll also get the latest from the Royal Marsden Hospital after the disastrous fire there. The Prime Minister went to see the damage for himself this morning - and speak to some of the heroes who saved the day yesterday.

Something for animal lovers too - well, something to get them steaming and spitting with rage. You may remember the pre-Christmas 'Angel' we brought you - in the shape of a big slobbery St Bernard? The RSPCA was showing her off to warn people of the dangers of buying dogs and other animals as Christmas presents. Guess what. Their campaign didn't work and right now the Royal Society is looking for homes for lots of unwanted, four-legged presents. Our editor says we're not allowed to say what we really all think of the people who bought them. You can have a guess, if you like.

Moving on... to some sport. We'll hear from a true London rugby legend at the end of his career... and a young swimmer who's hoping to be a British legend of the future but is having to pursue his national ambitions - in Australia. Four years until the London Olympics and we don't have the facilities here. So that's just great.

And on that jolly note - time for a tea...

See you at SIX.

Ben & Salma