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The Al has departed after giving me history homework. As if I don't have enough to do in the day! I was planning on a sneaky stroll in the sunshine but he's beaten me to it. So, my instructions are to google Beefeater and gentlemen at arms. I am neither hungry or after a gentleman at present let alone at arms. But I'd better do as I'm told in case I end up in detention.

So Beefeaters..Google has delivered a quote from Paris Hilton saying they must eat a lot of beef. OK. A slightly more reliable source now - Wikipedia. It says they're basically tour guides. Not actually Beefeaters at all, Al says they object to the nickname - he really does know everything.

So, their full title is The Yeoman Warder of her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London. It says they're supposed to look after prisoners and the jewels - but now not so many prisoners means they just get to show people round. Sounds like fun. It says they also wear an 'undress' which sounds a bit wrong to me - surely they're not naked. Ah, there's a picture - basically it's a uniform of dark blue with red trimming and a jaunty little hat. It's because of this uniform that I've been set history homework and am now rambling on at you about Beefeaters.

The point now - some fashion students have designed alternative outfits. I'm thinking pink and sparkly..maybe that's just for Paris Hilton. Apparently there's one idea with a raven on the shoulder, sounds a bit Bond. But I look forward to seeing them - although as Al rightly points out, they have two hopes of the Beefeaters actually changing the outfit they've worn for the last 500 and something years. Bob and No.

Right less beef and more of the show for you now. There are some parents on a school roof. Well, actually there's just one at the moment but it's the thought that counts. They're protesting about plans to change their kids school in Lewisham into an Academy with a high school as well as their primary and hundreds more kids thrown in. They're not happy and they're "shouting it from the rooftops", Neil says.

Simon's been to speak to some veterans ahead of D-Day, Lucy's been to talk to the Pet Shop Boys , Damien's has had a kinky blindfold experience on route to a gold factory and Chrissie's been sent to Woking (which is not like being sent to Coventry) for the weather.

The show starts with some breaking news about that plane which disappeared between Rio and Paris. We've just heard one of the passengers lived in the south-east. Phil Bayles has been dispatched to find out more.

So, while they all get ready to deliver that - I'll get back to my Beefeaters before headmaster Stewart returns to test me/punish me for being slack.

Look forward to seeing you at 6.

Alex & Alastair.