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London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 19th January - sorry we're late!

London Tonight Tonight Wednesday 19th January - sorry we're late!

Dear One and all...

How are we?

If it's not been a good day, think of it like this: Today is Wednesday but it's sort of Thursday at the same time. Because (bear with us here) tomorrow is Thursday but it may as well be Friday... obviously. Well, Friday's not just Friday this week, is it? It's 'Good Friday'. Or 'Great Friday', if you've got the day off. Get it? Not the day off - the whole 'one day is another day' thing.... Shall we move on?

The programme goes to air tonight while MPs decide the future of hundreds of London post offices. 171 are in line for the chop if the Post Office gets it way.
We'll be featuring the fate of two of them. One in Highgate has a champion in the form of Victoria Wood battling to keep it's doors open... while the manager at another one in Woolwich says 'too late - we're stuffed. Close me down'. We've been talking to both of them.

The mother and the father of a lad found murdered in his home last week have also been talking today... telling their heartbreaking and sometimes petrifying story.


Plus we'll have the stories of a schoolboy-turned Hollywood hunk and the lead singer of one of America's all time great rock bands... and a borough full of lollipop men and ladies without their lollipops.
Find out more at six,

Ben & Katie