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Good afternoon:

By the time we go on air at 6pm this e-mail may be out of date because the jury at the Old Bailey could have come to a verdict on the sixteen year old, accused of killing promising young footballer Kiyan Prince: the outcome, if there is one, live, with Phil.

The continuing saga of the Bishop of Southwark took an odd turn this morning, as, it is claimed, did the good Bishop a few nights back.
He often appears on the BBC's Today programme, offering his Thought for the Day. This morning he appeared as an interviewee, in an effort to explain just what happened between his leaving the Irish Embassy Christmas Party and appearing the next day, bruised, battered and not a little embarrassed. He says the answers are all on his Oyster Card. Others, including the owner of a Mercedes saloon, suggest a different story. We will try to unfathom the truth, because that's what we do. Up for the craic? Nick Thatcher is on the case of the curious cleric.

No connection, of course, but we are still running our feature with the National Missing Persons Helpline: hand in your old cellphone and NMPH get a fiver to help reunite loved ones who have run-off, drifted apart or ..... just can't remember who they are or why they left home.

Ricky Gervais on his latest escapade: a star role in a Hollywood film, which also features Ben Stiller. Is there no limit to the man's talent? Ricky's pretty hot, too!

We've also got an amazing competition: an all expenses paid trip to MUMBAI, a gem of a place in India. More details and the key to how to get there at 6.

Chrissie has the weather and Katie and I hope you'll join us.