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London Tonight: Friday September 22nd

Evening - it's practically the weekend and we're going rock-tastic tonight.

Tamzin's been to the Edge (geddit??) to get an interview with U2 - she's even got Bono's thoughts on Tony Blair - so you won't want to miss that.

And as if that's not enough for one girl, she's gone totally weak at the knees at the prospect of her teen years hearthtrob, Chris Isaak, coming into the studio live - he's promising to serenade her - and she's keeping her fingers crossed that it'll be Wicked Game. So, one satisfied customer tonight - hope you will be too by 6.30!

We've our usual guide to the weekend movie releases and what else to do in the capital - including how YOU can become part of a new ITV programme.

Willsy's looking ahead to a weekend of sport - and he's excited tonight too - about our competition for a luxurious golfing weekend away.... We keep telling him he's not allow to enter, but I think I'll have to confiscate his mobile phone just in case...

Our top story tonight is the report findings on how London coped on the day of the terror bombings - some criticism, some praise - but interesting stories from the non-injured victims, who felt they didn't know what to do or where to turn on the day. Piers has the details on that one - and we'll be asking for your thoughts on what we've learnt and what we still need to learn.

And remember the elderly lady evicted from her home in a row over legal fees? We've an update on that you won't want to miss.

Bundles more to pack in - and Robin's got the weather. Got to dash now, or we'll never get it all ready in time.

See you at 6