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Good Afternoon to you...

I'm not happy. I know I should be - what the bank holiday weekend looming - but that's the reason I'm not happy. All week the weather forecast for the long weekend has, at the very least, said 'sunny intervals' but looking at one website now it's saying light rain on Saturday and Sunday. I'm hoping I've picked a duff website and Robin will put us (and the website) right later on.

Not that Charlene - on duty with me this evening - will care that much, as she's heading off to sunnier climes for a two week holiday tomorrow. I know 'jealousy' is an ugly emotion. I'm feeling very ugly right now. (And before Ken the editor comes up with a funny reply, I've already gone through them. Twice.)

Now, this evening's programme;

We've got (not necessarily in this order):

A sham marriage... The man who sold the house that wasn't his... The 7/7 bomber's widow hears whether she'll get more legal aid... The fire-fighters carry on talking... The single-minded determination of a synchronised swimmer...and news about Whoopi Goldberg and her "Sister Act" in the West End.

Mr King will also be hear to talk about two of the big movies hitting London's cinemas this weekend and, as promised, Robin will talk us through the weather.

Okay - get the teas in.

See you at six,

Ben & Charlene
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