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Good evening

Nearly didn't make it in today - a nightmare start to the week. In brief, I managed to complete my routine twenty-minute walk to the station minus my ticket. I ran home, found ticket, drove back to the station and made the train by approximately 4 seconds. I was sat feeling annoyed and relieved in equal measure when I realised that I hadn't paid for the parking fee, at which point I had to get my other half to duck out of work to go and sort it for me (she was very impressed as you can imagine). All sorted now, as long as I don't forget to pick up the car when I get back to the station tonight! Totally pointless story, but thought I'd share...

Right, our top tale tonight is that of alleged police heavy handedness in Essex. I've just looked at the shots and they aren't pretty. They show an officer from Essex police using CS spray on a man after he'd been arrested and handcuffed for common assault and being drunk and disorderly outside a bar. Rules on the use of CS state that it should only be used in the process of detention, not after a suspect has been detained, which clearly seems to be the case here. A police investigation is underway. Reaction to the footage is likely to be mixed between those who say the police went way over the top and those that think they acted as necessary at the time. We've all seen enough tv shows filmed around our city centres at chucking out time to know what the police sometimes have to put up with and you probably have a pretty good idea already of what the pictures show, but take a look and decide for yourself. I think you'll be surprised.

Next, more on the story that you've probably seen over the weekend about an outbreak of E.coli at a Surrey farm park. Parents, schools and nurseries are on alert after it emerged that Godstone Farm stayed open for two weeks after the virus initially struck. There are 36 confirmed cases of the infection including 12 children. The farm finally closed on Saturday, but we speak to a woman whose two-year-old twin sons have suffered kidney failure and says it should have been shut a fortnight ago. Glen Goodman has the details.

Also tonight, the three London men found guilty of planning to blow up transatlantic planes with liquid bombs have been have been jailed for a combined total of 108 years. They will serve at least 40, 36 and 32 years behind bars for their parts in the plot. The judge paid tribute to the police and security services and warned that had the terrorists' sick plot been successful, the loss of life would have exceeded that of the September the 11th attacks.

A much needed uplifting story now and we meet someone who could be in line for a major honour. We're going to be profiling four extraordinary people this week who all have a chance of becoming London Tonight's official nomination for the ITV Feelgood Factor Award. You've nominated countless unsung heroes -- people who go out of their way to keep others fit and healthy. The final four are now short-listed for that prize, which will be presented at the Pride of Britain Awards next month. Our first candidate is David Hogg, a fitness instructor who devotes his time to helping elderly people stay active. He makes a difference to countless lives -- not least, the teenager who nominated him. Sally Rourke has his story.

Programme departs our studio at 6pm. Let's hope I make it with more time to spare!

Plenty more at six!

Matt & Katie

Weather blog

Good evening,
The North Downs is a really beautiful part of the country. If I'm not in London wearing a suit & talking to a camera, I'm on the North Downs; wellies on my feet, cap on my head & dogs at my side.
It's a fantastic vantage point for observing the weather & the seasons & provides a perfect escape from the more stressful elements of day to day life.
I have a favourite spot where I can see right across the Weald to the South Downs & the sea beyond. The vista is constantly changing  -   never more so than at this time of year   - & it's always a pleasure to be there, regardless of what the weather's doing.
It turned chilly yesterday afternoon so we wrapped up warm & made the most of it, dodging the weekend cross country cyclists who travel in packs, talking loudly whilst narrowly missing mowing everyone down in their path (I'll nip that rant in the bud or perhaps save it for a later date) & it was glorious.
We've now got a 48 - hour dose of cloud, wind & rain to contend with but then calm should be restored....
Hope to see you later,