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I'm starting to think there's a conspiracy here - not sure what the purpose of it is but the evidence of it is in the form of chocolate. Bags of it! Yesterday Al magically produced a box of celebrations (well, he probably sent some little person to get them for him..but magic all the same). Then, he proceeded to judge us all by what we chose and how many we ate. Proudly announcing to Chrissie before the weather that I'd eaten 9! Lies, lies and more lies - it was probably more like 5 but that's not the point.

I've lost the point - and clearly the plot. It was all very nerve-wracking last night during the show - with a zillion chocolate calories rushing round my system and the crew from X-Factor filming us (apparently we're going to be on X-Factor - that's far too exciting!!) So, I'm trying to steer clear of Ronke's chocolates today - not that I think she's trying to sabotage my mind or body (I do a good job of that all on my own truth be told). But because I'm trying to concentrate!!

I've just heard a brainteaser - what do Jade Goody, I-Carly, Paris Hilton and Steve Bunce all have in common....? Stay tuned til the end for the answer...

For now though - I'm still trying to concentrate. I've just told Al I'm blogging - he looks confused and a little put out so I'd better make it good - he should be fine - I've pointed him in direction of chocolate bag.

Serious stuff now...

It sounds a bit like Second Life - no, not another brainteaser - it's part of a community centre in south London. The council's spent a bucket load on this place which on the one hand did cost loads - but on the other hand does sound like it's money well spent. This centre's got a computer generated high street - which we're sending Glen down - where kids (and Glen) will encounter drug dealers and the like and be given ways of dealing with scary situations like that in real life. Sounds good - but some schools aren't too happy though 'cos they want to take kids there but it still costs. Glen will have all the info.

Then - another way to stay safe - get a cop to walk you home. Never going to happen, right? Well, it is happening for real in east London - where signs have gone up outside banks offering police escorts for people worried about getting home. Now those are cops you can bank on...get it?! Oh dear.

Now, we've got the latest from Laos where confusion seems to be the operative word. Samantha Orobator's still in jail and facing a death sentence accused of drug smuggling. But some officials are saying she wouldn't face the firing squad as she's pregnant. Martin Geissler's in Laos so will be able to tell us exactly what's going on.

We've also just heard about the sad death of Max Mosley's son. The F1 boss has had a terrible year - finding himself at the centre of a scandal and nearly losing his job. Police say his son Alexander was found dead in west London at home - but they don't think there's anything suspicious about how he died. Ben Scotchbrook will be there to tell us more.

Well, after Arsenal failed to deliver in last night's Champion's League semi - I think "they got stuffed" was Al's observation. And from a self-confessed football non-enthusiast - that's saying something. They were indeed stuffed - 3-1 - putting an end to hopes of an all London final. But Chelsea are still in it - they're facing Barcelona tonight - so we're shifting hopes to them on behalf of London. (Not sure you'll all agree but we have to be patriotic on behalf of the Capital - No?)

Then - the BEST thing on tonight's show - so I'm reliably informed by Neil, Lizzie and Al - is Chris De Burgh delivering his giant easter egg to the cricketers. Now, if that doesn't sound surreal I don't know what does.

Not sure how he managed to snaffle back that egg - I was still in the process of coming up with a way of sneaking a bit - ok the whole thing...!

Oh well - see the egg, cricketers, Chris and all the rest at 6.

Alex & Alastair.

ps. Answer to the brainteaser - they've all been nominated for the Broadcast Digital Award for Programme Launch.. Steve Bunce's Boxing Hour is on Setanta Sports News - so huge congrats to them (much bias from me clearly) for that along with nominations for Best Sports Service and Channel Launch - fingers crossed.