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Hello, Hello and welcome to F-F-F-FRIDAY.

Now, someone on the team is very, VERY excited today... because a certain film has opened in London's cinemas today. Yes, the man in the hat, the man wearing the leather jacket, the man with the whip... ALL of them are back in - "Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Zimmer Frame".

When I say excited - this person has a seat booked in at the Odeon Leicester Square this very evening. When I say excited - this person used to act out scenes from the previous Indy adventures. So, this person s definitely excited. So, we'll get James King in to tell us whether Harrison Ford still cuts it, or whether he needs nursey to help out at meal times.

Our top story tonight is a sad one. A six year old girl, Elisabeth, died in the rented family home because the landlord hadn't serviced the boiler properly. She died of carbon monoxide poisoning. What a dreadful, dreadful waste of life. And the price paid by the landlord - a £20,000 fine. Enough? Too much? Should have gone to jail? We'll be asking for your views later.

Also on the programme, we'll be talking to star of the stand-up circuit, star of the radio and star of the TV panel show - Phill Jupitus. About why he's chancing his arm as a star of the West End stage.


Q: What do you call a man with two jobs?

A: Boris Johnson.

Q: Which jobs?

A: Mayor of London (you had heard, hadn't you?) and MP for Henley.

Q: When's he giving the MP bit up?

A: Sooner, it would seem, than originally thought.

Q: How... okay, let's leave that there until 6 o'clock, shall we?

A: Yes.

You won't want to miss our live link up with New York... via an en-OR-mous telescope, or to give it its proper name, 'telectroscope'. You may have seen it down on the South Bank. It is HUGE and our (not-so-huge) Glen Goodman will be looking down the barrel at the Brooklyn Bridge. Now, as I write this, there's a big chat going on about how it's going to work, because Glen's going to be having a transatlantic chat with his NY oppo called Monica Morales. She's a reporter with the NBC affiliate in the Big Apple. It sounds like a great idea, doesn't it. Cross your fingers, my friends. Glen will be.

Oh, and Robin will be with some jumping dogs.

Who needs Indiana Jones...?

Ben & Salma