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London Tonight: Wednesday 22nd November


If you're an uninsured driver ... Beware! More than 1000 cars have been confiscated in the last few weeks in a major blitz to try to beat this crime... And many of those have ended up in the crusher. You have been warned... Marcus has all the info.

As the financial gloom seems to be gathering over the Olympics, and as you seem to be getting crosser and crosser at the prospect of having to stump up for the Games, today the organisers of the Olympics have hit back, telling us how much good the event will do the city. Tune in to Simon Harris, and see if you are convinced.

We've an extraordinary story of a mother so desperate to solve her son's death, she's turned private detective herself, to try to find his killer; the inspiring tale of a primary school in Edmonton that's turned itself round in just 6 years from dreadful to top of the league; the millionth ticket sold for Billy Elliott, Esther Rantzen live in the studio ... Oh, and Her Majesty righting the wrongs of 200 years ago in a moving ceremony with a Native American indian. In Southwark. You'd better watch at 6!

Katie and Alastair.