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London Tonight Tonight: Friday April 4th

London Tonight Tonight: Friday April 4th

Hello everyone.

Well, it's the Grand National tomorrow and, as always, one of our programme editors has organised a sweepstake. 'Great' I thought... RIGHT up to the point I pulled the name of my horse out of the pot. Now, I'm not saying it's a 'no-hoper' but I don't think he'll be troubling the chap who engraves the name on the winner's trophy TOO much...

Am I downhearted? YES, frankly - I never ruddy well win anything on the Grand National. And now this donkey appears to have scuppered my chances before the jockeys have even put their trousers on. And let's face it - it's not the taking part that counts (would you want to jump over Beechers Brook?), it's the winning that matters.

Anyway - let's move on... before I'm told the blessed nag has pulled out with a head cold. (Salma's sulking because she didn't take part and all the horses have gone now. I'm just glad she's not got a better horse than me. I wouldn't hear the end of it all afternoon.)

The programme starts tonight with one of those real-life stories that may bring you out in a cold sweat. Getting trapped on the underground... It happened last night - people stuck in stuffy carriages on NINE trains - going nowhere on the Jubilee Line - for up to THREE HOURS. We've got some extraordinary 'commuter-cam' footage of the LONG walk to freedom and we've been speaking to people who were there...

When Arsenal moved home to the Emirates, there were a lot of fans who went 'whoopee' and, ever since, have loved going there to see the Gunner's home games. However... some of the local businesses - who've been working under the nearby rail arches for yonks - say they're now being forced out. Who says so? Why? Lots of sides to row. We've covered all of them.

Now then, Ken. Ken, Ken, Ken... so he's got 5 children by three different women. "Shock! Horror!"... or "Shock? Horror?" The fact is that it's NOT that unusual. Should we judge the Mayor differently to the way others are judged? Does it matter? Could... HANG ON, HANG ON... Isn't the big question here - WHY are we finding out NOW, just weeks before the election? And who leaked it? Why? Well, those are the questions we'll be asking this evening.

And it's the Olympic Torch Parade this weekend. Famous people will be carrying on a relay through the streets of London - as parts of a world tour. However, events in China mean there could be a spot of bother, requiring a BIG police presence. We'll be reporting on that.

Plus there are a couple of new movies for Mr King to review... AND there's our weekend guide in 'What not to Miss' and... oh, just join us SIX and find out.

Ben & Salma