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London Tonight Tonight Friday 24th August

London Tonight Tonight Friday 24th August

Afternoon kids...
It's almost the bank holiday so hang on in there... We've got your weekend edition of London Tonight to get you started, and here's what's in it!
Crime on our trains. We've all seen it - from anti-social behaviour to graffiti and drunken louts. Now the British Transport Police say we must all stand up for ourselves and not suffer in silence. But what happens when we do that? Robin Ross has spent the day with the patrols and the passengers hearing why we're all living in fear.
And talking of living in fear... the Met has announced that the number of gangs in London is growing all the time. Now up to 257! Amazing as it sounds, we ask the Commander of the police's Youth Violence Unit what we can do about it.
And when they should be responding to those emergencies on our streets - unfortunately too often our 999 call centres are busy having to field crank calls from the public. Well today they're naming and shaming some of the culprits. Glen Goodman will play you the most ridiculous and frustrating of those time wasters.
Then we talk to Rihanna about being an international music superstar, and Robin will have the weather prospects for the bank holiday weekend.
So don't miss any of it,

We'll see you at six.
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