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London Tonight Tonight Monday 7th July

London Tonight Tonight Monday 7th July

Good Afternoon to you.

So, who watched it then? The drama of it all... the highs, the lows... the 'will he make it?'... 'is this the end?'... 'can he possibly make a comeback now?'

Yep. 'Dr Who'. Loved it.

Oh. And the tennis.

AND the GREAT British Grand Prix. The local lad done good. Mr Hamilton, we salute you. Mr Nadal, we salute you. Doctor, we... too much? Too much.

Now then - the programme.

We'll have a fragrant nose of flowers from Hampton Court, ahead of the Royal Show.

We'll have road humps of 'I don't believe it' proportions from Ealing.

And we'll have Yvette Marie Stevens - look her up on t'internet. You could say she feels for you, even thinks she loves you... the little minx.

And the serious stuff?

Well, once again, it couldn't be more serious. A 14 year old boy... and you know what I'm going to say next: a 14 year old has died after being stabbed in Southwark. David Idowu is the 19th teenager to die a violent death in London this year. He was attacked three weeks ago and has been fighting for life ever since. He lost that fight this morning.

It throws a rather harsh spotlight on the last few days' events at City Hall. Boris Johnson's main man, appointed to look at 'youth crime' forced out of his job on Friday evening. So who's going to do the job now? Has the sorry saga all holed the new Mayor's administration below the water line?

We'll wrap it all up for you at SIX.

Ben & Katie