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Tues 26th Feb

Good Afternoon one and all...

If you were asked to draw up a list of 'Things That Make Britain British' , talking about the weather would be up there. Fondness for a cup of tea would be included, no doubt. And, I think, a propensity for queuing. Queuing to get into Wimbledon, while drinking tea from a flask and chatting with perfect strangers about how 'mild' it is would probably be about as British as you could get.

Sometimes though, wherever you're queuing, people push in. What happens next? Opinion is divided here in the office. Some people reckon most of us would say nothing. (Out loud - that is. They'd moan about it under their breath or with their mates, after the event.) Others would humbly say something along the lines of "I'm terribly sorry, but there's a queue". No one, however, has suggested getting their boyfriend to beat up the other person.

That's what Antonette Richardson did at the Merton branch of Sainsbury's last year. Only, she got her boyfriend to beat up the wrong man. A man called Kevin Tripp, who later died in hospital. Now, we're not going to judge her actions here. We don't need to. A jury found her guilty today of manslaughter. Her boyfriend had already owned up. It does leave you asking yourself though - just where does that level of aggression come from?

The story will get you thinking, I'm sure.

We also want you to think about our report on truancy. Apparently inner London boroughs are among the worst in the country for numbers of schoolchildren just being 'children'. One suggested solution is to text the children's parents, tipping them off that they didn't turn up for classes. But should any of the education budget be used in this way? Watch the full report and send us your thoughts later.

Plus there's a genuine breakthrough from Surrey. Anyone who gets stuck in the twice-daily traffic jam that is the A3 in Hindhead will have been following progress on the huge tunnel being built to alleviate the problem. Well... drum-roll, please... the two teams tunneling towards each other met up today, underground. At least, they're supposed to have met up. Here's hoping everyone was tunneling in the right direction.

There's a report on bad behaviour on trains.

And Simon Harris will be in the studio to talk us through the jaw-dropping sum being set aside for security at the Olympics... and the jaw-dropping sum being set aside in case the first jaw-dropping sum runs out.

And then there's Glen. Now, I don't think he'd mind me saying he's not exactly a giant of a man. (Intellectually, yes. And as an all round decent chap, most certainly. But, in terms of 'suit size', there are bigger people.) And, when I asked him a moment ago 'Glen, when did you last go to the gym?', he looked a bit confused, thought a bit and then replied 'Er, never. I don't think I've ever been to the gym'*. So, who better to meet up with one of the toughest actors in Hollywood for a bit of personal training...?

You wouldn't want to miss that, now, would you? (Ed - a quick clue to the actor - I pity the fool who doesn't watch that)

See you at SIX.

Ben & Alex

* Oh all right, the last time I went to the gym, was when I took a wrong turning.