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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 30th October

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 30th October
Well it's that time again.

Hello everyone and apologies that it's only little old me (Faye, the producer) writing to you today - Alastair's just far too busy making himself busy to stay in touch... Feeling neglected? Me too.
Anyway, Nina and I ARE here and this is what we've got for you.

We start with an horrific video filmed on an estate on the Isle of Dogs... Two painter/decorators set upon by a gang of youths. Hooded and with their faces covered, they carry out a brutal attack - leaving one man with a broken arm, and the other with a nasty gash to the head.
Residents there say they need more policing and they need it now. Glen is the man to find out what went on.
Simon Harris is inspecting the Mayor's fares freeze with a more critical eye. Is he playing an election game just six months before Londoners choose their Mayor. When you see the facts you might ask the very same question... I think Ken may be making some angry noises...
Talking of noise, turns out London is louder than ever. Phil Bayles has spent the day being bombarded by the sounds on our transport system, and he asks "why so loud?".
And Michael Ball's costumes are pretty loud too. He's not just dressing up, he's camping up. Playing a woman on the West End stage.
Plus would you ever spend twenty quid on a bottle of water? Well Scotchy will be taste testing the water list at one of the capital's top restaurants.
It's a real smorgasboard for you...
Al and Nina hope to see you at six,

(Don't worry Al will be back tomorrow so the quality will improve!)