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London Tonight Tonight Thursday

London Tonight Tonight Thursday
Good afternoon.
Just escaped from our final planning meeting for tonight's programme.

Parting words from Faye, The Producer: "Let's remember: it's Jo-zay not Ho-zay. And let's be careful out there".
And this from the woman who assigns Marcus, a life-long Gooner, as top reporter on the story - and Ken "I know and care more about West Ham than any normal human being needs to " Hayes as prodcuer on the Big Back Grounder. Ha. And given Tamzin's delightful husband is a Norwich fan (yes, we do take special care of him)  I guess it falls to me to bring objectivity and authority to our coverage: I just think Jose is one of the most interesting and charismatic figures in soccer (OK, not a huge challenge) and Roman Abramovitch, apart from being one of the richest men in the world, is also one of the most intriguingly mysterious. What a clash. All three points to Roman in extra time. All, even the off-side rule, will be in our coverage in a way even those of us not entirely wedded to the merits of the beautiful game will understand and find interesting.
Or there'll be yellow cards and red cards befor Robin's weather.
Also, how the face of Bex appeared in the heavens to give 2012 a much needed boost and how the face of the Paddington rail crash went back to work.
The face of Jennifer will challenge you to remain objective as you assess our London Carer of the Year final candidate film. More "Ahs" than a Chelsea own goal would get from Arsenal fans, I can promise you.
And the Mobos - nuff said - it was a gas: Tamzin distills the best bits.
We're off to change into our home strip: see you when the whistle blows at 6 and right through to half-time in the ITV News Hour at 6.30.
Alastair & Tamzin