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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 25th October

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 25th October

Hello you.

Are you well? Having an easy day? A hard day? A 'can't wait until the bell goes' day? WE are having a busy day - although we feel that we're missing a 'planes' story. We've got trains and automobiles covered.

The trains story is all about Metronet. You remember - the private company getting lots of public money to fix rather a lot of the London Underground. Only, it went belly up - taking a lot of public money with it. Now, do you think those in charge of Metronet should get some sort of pay-off? No, we're not joking. Word has it, one or two of them are getting a rather handsome 'kiss-off'. To be fair, they didn't set the whole private/public arrangement up... And, here on London Tonight, we do like to be fair. YOU, however, can be as one-sided as you like, which is just as well. We want your e-mails later.

For 'automobiles', there's the M25...and plans to squeeze even more traffic onto it. Good idea? Mmmm, unconvinced. Well, they've trialled a scheme 'up north' (Birmingham way anyway) where they allowed cars to use the hard shoulder (empty lane on the left for 'emergency use' only) to alleviate the congestion. It worked there and they're thinking about trying it down our way now.

We'll also be looking at the relationship between Sir Ian Blair and his deputy. Word has it they don't get on. The Met says the word is 'rubbish'. You have a look at their body language on the programme... and come up with your own word.

You should also check out the mug-shot of one of America's Most Wanted - James 'Whitey' Bulger. Nice chap - they reckon he's killed 18 people. The FBI says he was spotted, er, in London - and they want our boys and girls in blue to help track him down.

All that... and the weather AND vampires - at SIX.

We hope you'll be watching.

Ben & Katie.