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Friday 22nd August

Friday 22nd August
Dear One and All...
Salma wanted me to point out - before we talk about anything else - that she's bought a box of chocolates for everyone to tuck into this afternoon. Evidence, she reckons, that she is a team player.*
Okay - who's the odd one out here - Boris, James and Tim. I'll give you the answer a little later.
Now, let's have a look at what we have in the programme.
Well it's Friday, so there's plenty of entertainment - obviously.
'Get Smart' was a hugely popular TV series way back in the sixties which has now been turned into a huge Hollywood movie. Should they have bothered? And should Shane Meadows (the director who won huge acclaim for his partly autobiographical movie 'This is England') have bothered making 'Somers Town'? James King will be here to deal with those posers. Just in case you wanted to head off to your local picture-house, that is.
If you've got a bit more 'get and go' (and I say this as someone whose 'get and go' got up and went years ago) there's always the prospect of the Reading Festival. Lots of 'now' music acts. Lots of fresh air. Lots of mud, by all accounts. Lucy will bring you a great big slice of all that.
On the lighter side of the news front, Piers Hopkirk has been hailing a cab in Little Venice today. A watery one. A kayak, in fact. As of today, you too can now hire a cab-boat. Which will be fabulous, unless you want to get to Oxford Circus, or Harrods, or Gatwick or... well, you get the point.
Actually, while we're on the subject of Gatwick... I don't know about you but if I ever find myself flying off somewhere, I want to spend as little time as possible at the airport, any airport. We'll report on a chap who's been sent to prison today... after l-i-v-i-n-g there. I mean, really.
Hang on - stop press - as I write this, one of our reporters has just phoned in to tell us there's a bus on fire by the Old Bailey. We'll try and get you some pictures of that for the programme.
Our lead story tonight is the latest on the death of young Ahmed Benyermak, the 16 year old who fell from a block of flats in Hackney. We'll hear from the police on their investigation into what really happened and why.
Okay, back to our little quiz at the top.
Boris is the odd one out (one imagines that's not the first time) as James (De Gale) and Tim (Brabants) both won medals in Beijing today. A certain Mr Johnson has won nothing, but he will be walking away with the whole Olympic Games on Sunday, so Simon Harris has been getting his thoughts on that.
Incidentally, Tim Brabants won his medal - a gold one - in a kayak today. It'd be good if you hailed him in Little Venice, wouldn't it? You'd have to tip him though.
Cripes, as Boris would say, what a packed programme,
We'll see you at SIX.
Ben & Salma
*I bought chocolates last Friday. A bigger box.