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London Tonight Tonight Thursday 8th May

London Tonight Tonight Thursday 8th May

Good afternoon.

Two powerful stories top our traditional news agenda: first, the continuing mystery surrounding the tragic death of Mark Saunders: was he shot by the Police or did he shoot himself? And if he was shot by the Police, was that the tragic outcome he himself had intended? Glen continues his trawl of the King's Road community searching for answers.

Then a gas blast in Harrow has left one man dead and many people homeless. The tragedy is not lessened by the fact that many more escaped, but it does bring some relief to the sadness of the dead man's friends and family. It is a story rich in "if only..." and "if I'd been..." stories, including the role Sir Alan Sugar played in one man's lucky escape. The images are extraordinary and show, graphically, just how close this came to being an even greater horror.

The horror of impending blindness may have been lifted for hundreds of elderly people thanks to the genius of the medics at Kings College Hospital. The details may make you wince, a bit, but believe me it is an uplifting and, no pun intended, enlightening piece of journalism. Have I ever lied to you?

Shirley McClain said you can't believe anything a man says if he is drinking, chatting you up or standing for political office. Well, Shirley, in London you may just be wrong. Boris, who said he'd ban booze on the buses also said he'd take a forensic look at how YOUR money is spent in City Hall. Boozed up Oyster carriers dealt with yesterday and, today, that forensic fiscal foray is under way. Hurrah. Harris is our Mr Macawber with the ledgers and he also has news of some more interesting defenestrations from the South Bank Head-lamp.

In the mid-90s, Tony Blair said he'd be "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". OK, Shirley, here you may have a point. But eleven years on and his heirs and successors have finally taken the action that the victims think might be a runner. Purging any part of Essex of crime might seem a tall order, but on one housing estate with a particularly troubling track record in boosting the "bad boy stats", the application of ASBOs, coupled with nothing short of a zero-tolerance enforcement of them, seems to have done the trick. The Home Secretary, who is frightened of visiting some of London's kebab houses, obviously has the "munchies" as she wants it rolled out across the land, including the capital. Ben is on patrol, down river on the north bank.

Who he chances upon is in the lap of the Gods, but it seems among the least likely is Osama Bin Laden, officer commanding Al Qaeda. That, in an odd way, is good news for our showbiz guest tonight who has just released a movie entitled "Where in The World is Osama Bin Laden?" Were Ben to say "Basildon!" it might reduce the advance sales for the film ,so Mr Spurlock has much to celebrate and discuss and will, we are sure, amuse. Think Michael Moore with a thing about burgers and you're on the right track.

On her way to the roof, as I write, is Chrissie - clad, I hope in a sensible long-sleeved T-shirt and drenched in factor 30. No, I am not odd - it was her advice yesterday when she predicted strong sunshine, so we will see if she is a woman of her word - or words.

Katie has left some of her salad, I notice: it is that hot.

Faye has given the satin-seamed evening dress trousers another outing but has a cool, in both senses of the word, top on. They are both, as I have always said, hot.

I might, just might, dispense with the tie... it's nearly Friday.

See you at 6 - I'd recommend light cotton, a cool drink and flip-flops, but it is really up to you.

Alastair & Katie