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Good Afternoon... everyone.

I'm going to start with a 'mea culpa' - or an 'apology' if you speak English.

In my e-mail yesterday, I said that I and a number of my colleagues weren't fans of Iron Maiden and that we couldn't name one of their songs. Can I say now - so there's no confusion - I am no barometer of taste, fashion or popular success. I don't like flares. I didn't like them when everyone else did. My hair has had the same 'shape' (I wouldn't venture 'style') since it first grew on my head. My dad was embarrassed by my dancing.

I certainly don't believe the fact that I don't have an Iron Maiden album nestled in among my Abba, Elton John or Kings Singers CDs is in any way a measure of their talent or success. They are huge. They are hugely talented and successful. You should give them a try. You might like them.

There. Glad that's sorted.

Now then, now then, on we go to today's stories. And we kick off with Boris. We saw him yesterday, with Alastair Stewart tagging along to see what taxpayers get for their mayoral money. Well, today it seems he's refused to commit to running for a second term in the job. Now, he did not say he wouldn't. He just said he wouldn't rule out not running. What can we make of that? Well, watch the programme and Mr Harris will do his damnedest to make some sense at least.

We'll also have the latest twist on the ghastly story of the man who, having been murdered, had his body parts spread around the Hertfordshire and Leicestershire countryside. Well, the police say they have now identified the victim. We can't tell you who it is because they won't tell us. We can tell you they've arrested two men in connection with it all. Phil Bayles will fill in the details.

Ms Walden's mission for the day is to tell us all what the International Olympic Committee thinks about London's preparations for 2012. Probably slightly more than those opposed to turning Greenwich Park into an eventing park.

Ms Wickham's day has been filled with preparing a report on the country's biggest IVF centre - at St Thomas' Hospital. She's been speaking to a family who've just had a baby - their first baby born without the gene that can lead to Huntington's Disease.

Lucy has a very different family story - two girls, twins, in fact, who starred together in the gangster film 'Snatch' and who are now directing their own gangster film about their own dad. It takes all sorts.

And then there is Glen's report on a new musical. It's about the late Jade Goody. There will be those a little taken aback at the idea. All we can say is watch Glen's report and remember 'Goody Two Shoes' is being staged with her family's full support.

I'll sign off by flagging up the growing support for St George's Day. It's today, everyone. Damien's on full patriotic duty.

All of us are on duty at six.

See you then.

Ben & Alex.