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Good afternoon. And I mean that. I am not misleading you. We always try, as news presenters, to be honest in telling you the truth about what is going on, in and around London.

But, I wonder, what is the most dishonest thing you've ever done? Told fibs about your age? Sworn you'd tried to buy a ticket from that very busy ticket office before boarding the 8.15 from Clapham Junction? Hey, both are wrong but not the end of the world.

Now, imagine you are a barrister, representing one side in a rather sensitive child custody case. No room for lies there, white or otherwise, you'd be sure.

Don't you believe it. This evening we have a case that involves one such "brief", an e-mail machine on the Tottenham Court Road, some waving of papers in Court and a prison sentence. It could make 800 year history so you won't want to miss it at 6.

Jon Gilbert dons wig and robes for you.

Boris who? Bouncy blonde bomb-shell, beknown to all in the Boroughs of our great city or .... a mystery to many members of the London electorate. You may think you know the answer but you may be very surprised by Simon's finding.

The gritty toilers, who turned the crumbling Victorian edifice of St Pancras into the splendour that is the new Eurostar terminal, certainly were when asked to smile into a rather celebrated lense. The results are a fitting tribute and a joy to savour. And they weren't ten years at the developers either. Damien is pulling focus.

Ben has another impossible choice for you as he brings the third of our London Carers finalists before you. One more after that and then make-up your mind up time is Friday. They are beautifully crafted films about beautiful people. A tough choice, I am afraid.

As it must have been for Gyles Brandreth when he felt his life had become too full for his famous collection of teddy bears and the museum they once called home. Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States and founded the American national parks. He also gave his name to the "teddy" bear and was a famous hunter, too. Odd contradiction. Bit like Gyles, I guess: "bear lover flogs off bear collection, having brutally made them homeless".

Perhaps there's another explanation. Cuddle up with Sangeeta at 6, and see.

We've the MOBOs with Amy Winehouse and Tamzin and I imagine tons of others: they always seek her out. Tamzin, that is.

And we will also cover a tragedy made even worse by it's entirely inappropriate popular description: an "Honour" killing which not only ended a young woman's life but tore a family asunder.

No gags. No puns. Just a really sad story.

We'll round it all off with Robin's weather and London's papers so I do hope you can join us at 6.

And I really mean that, most sincerely!

Alastair and Katie.