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London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 25th March

London Tonight Tonight Tuesday 25th March
Good evening gang...
My presenters are dispersed far and wide AGAIN tonight. This time it is of my own doing though, so I can't really complain.
Al's been paying a very special lady a visit this afternoon. You'll just have to tune in at six to see what he's been up to... It's truly uplifting I can promise you that.
In the meantime the news is a lot less heartwarming. Despite their protestations that it would NOT happen again, the powers that be at Network Rail are facing some tough questions tonight. You see, commuters into Liverpool Street have had to contend with massive delays and cancellations today, and you can probably guess why? According to National Express, the rail provider on the line, it was because of overrunning engineering works.
Network Rail are denying that, but it's lit the touch paper and you, the rail passengers, are far from impressed.
In other things, the Met admits it's going to have to use a ring of steel to protect the Olympic torch relay when it comes to the capital. Free Tibet campaigners say they WILL attempt to disrupt its journey, so what can the police do when it will have to travel through 10 London boroughs to make it to its final destination? Piers finds out.
Talking of final destinations... worried about where you're going to lay your hat at night? Well, according to the mortgage watchers, the number of deals on the market is dropping all the time, and the days of the 100% loan are ancient history. So Louisa is here to tell you how YOU can get a mortgage if you're just starting out, and what to look for to get the best deal you can.
Add to that the row that's reached fever pitch over the pre-teen wesbite www.missbimbo.com. It's aimed at girls as young as 9, and according to one expert we're talking to tonight, it encourages them to starve themselves and even consider plastic surgery - at the age of NINE!...
Providing of course that the trains allow for it, Salma and Alastair WILL be here to debate the rights and wrongs of it all at 6.
Fingers crossed anyway...
See you then.

Faye the Programme Editor